11/01/2012 12:21 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Campaign Money and Hurricane Sandy: A Perfect Storm

How much campaign funds do we think are left in the Obama and Romney accounts?

How much do we think is still sitting in the super PACs?

Let's talk about bipartisanship for real: Mr. Paul Begala, Mr. Karl Rove, Mr. Bill Burton, those famous billionaires like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, Foster Friess and the hundreds more individuals -- and yes -- Citizens United -- it's time to redirect these funds. Please.

How much money do we think has been spent to date and will have been spent by the close of business on November 6th to elect the next "Leader of the Free World"?

I know that the number surpassed $2 billion in October, according to The New York Times.

Don't we think that all of these political funds should start flowing freely to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy?

How ridiculous is it to see Mitt Romney asking people to bring canned goods and send money to the Red Cross when he is sitting on a mound of treasure.

What better way to prove that you are truly a change agent than to turn your campaign into an ATM for Sandy relief?

There is no question that President Obama is doing everything he can as president to marshal every relief in his power to unleash. He is showing enormous leadership, empathy and commitment. But he has one thing left untouched -- the rest of his campaign treasure.

No more ads. No more speeches. No more promises for what will happen on November 7th.

If we don't have enough information after all the billions that have been spent up till now then we never will.

But I think we know all we need to know about both candidates.

So shut down the campaigns now and send the money to the people you so desperately want to lead....

I think there is a valid petition to create. Right now. Today:

Mr. Romney. President Obama, and all the monied interests who support you....

We the people of the United States, yes, those same people who you want to vote for you next Tuesday, weather permitting and if we haven't already voted by mail early --

Ask that you please stop your campaigning and turn that money over to our fellow Americans who are suffering.

Let's sign it today and deliver it to our president and his challenger.

Ready. Set. Go.