10/13/2010 12:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Palin and Gavin Newsome Considered Most Dateable U.S. Politicians

No need to start rumors of a political romance, but Zoosk, the world's largest social dating community released their Love and Politics Survey just in time for the midterm elections.

After surveying 1000 singles about love and politics, 87% said they would date out of their political party.

When asked who would be the most "dateable" U.S. politicians, 32% of the men selected Sarah Palin (32%), followed by Christine O'Donnell (22%), M. Teresa Ruiz (18%), Hillary Rodham Clinton (6%), and Condoleeza Rice (5%).

When women were asked the same questions, Gavin Newsom was considered the most dateable male politician with 33% of the votes. He was followed closely by Barack Obama (24%), Scott Brown (15%), Arnold Schwarzenegger (14%), and John Edwards (5%). Personally, I thought Arnold would have been higher on the totem pole.

As for the most solid relationships, the men voted for Ronald and Nancy Reagan as their top choice and the women voted for the Barack and Michelle Obama as their number one pick.

So how does this relate to singles on the dating scene who haven't been elected to office? An overwhelming 87% of those polled said they would date outside of their political party and surprisingly enough, 51% of singles said they would consider dating a member of the Tea Party.