10/27/2010 01:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'We are the Revolution!'

Have the Whittier Moms started something??? Is their win over the Chicago Public Schools' effort to trample their school, their community, and their children's future giving others the idea that they, too, can stand up and fight???

Folks all over the nation seem to be getting wise to the Waiting for Superman propaganda, and getting mad about the lies and manipulation Arne Duncan and Friends are using to destroy the very foundation of democratic public education.

My local paper, The Hyde Park Herald, quotes a local mom:

"'I've seen some good charter schools, and I've seen some others that are not so great -- charters are not the sole solution to improvement in education.'"

The mom is also a displaced charter school teacher, so she probably knows what she's talking about.

On page 3, a candidate for alderman advocates, "moving away from the business model approach to education."

(Link to Hyde Park Herald lasts only a week; after that, look for Oct. 20 issue)

In North Minneapolis, my birthplace, a community group is working to save a local school from closure and takeover by Chicago's Noble Network of charter schools. An article in the Star Tribune reads:

"'We can not privatize our way out of this,' [teacher Robert] Panning-Miller said. 'This is not a solution. You need to have faith in the community.'

The Save North High Coalition, a group of alumni and other supporters, wants Johnson and Board of Education members to withdraw the proposal to close North, re-establish the school's attendance area and develop a plan to boost enrollment.

'They hear us and continue to hear us,' said Kale Severson, president of the North High Alumni Association and coalition member. 'The momentum's swinging our way. This is a community that needs a school.'"

I'm trying to help out by sending a letter to the Minneapolis paper detailing some of the ways that Noble schools push out and exclude students.

In my childhood home of Rochester, NY, the headline for Democrat and Chronicle reads "Group Rallies for Education Reform."

And, guess what? The "education reform" they mean is not what the "reformers" mean with their co-opted phrase describing their witches brew of high-stakes testing, school closing and privatization, and teachers' union bashing.

"The Rochester Area Coalition for Common Sense in Education organized the rally to protest what they say are ineffective reforms that are hurting the school system. Organizers believe the federal government needs to overhaul the No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top laws, which use standardized tests to gauge school and teacher performance. They also aim to end the disparities in education programs for city children and restore the joy of learning.

The rally underscores a national debate about education reform that has gained attention in the past few weeks, in part because of the release of a new movie, Waiting for Superman, which explores problems with today's public education system. Demonstrators at Wednesday's event said the movie glorifies education reforms that are not working, and said they will push for changes they deem more effective...

'We are the revolution,' a group of School Without Walls students cheered as they passed a television camera."

Where will the revolution pop up next? What about your town???