04/14/2014 10:14 am ET Updated Jun 13, 2014

Get Real About How You Want to Show Up Today

We all share the human experience.

Yet, how we grow up, where we grow up and who we grow up with create individual experiences that have led to a global identity crisis resulting in much of the world not even coming close to knowing what they want.

This phenomenon has shaped the course of thoughts, beliefs and actions taken on a day-to-day basis.

The time has come when we must no longer identify with yesterday's circumstances, but instead, get in touch with our own desires -- the experiences that inspire and "light us up."

But why aren't more people following their desires?

Because, everyone and their mothers have put such a stigma around this very word that it has kept us galaxies away from the essence of our reality in this moment; and thus has affected what we are individually creating in the world today.

Desires are the part of you that have been unconsciously locked away and stuffed down by a truck-load of mental trash and beliefs that come from outside sources.

For many years, I had my own stigma around the word 'desires' and at the same time, I unconsciously identified myself with my bank account, environment, relationships and personal experiences that kept me caged in, feeling so far away from the life I truly desired to live.

And this connection to myself felt so out of reach because I didn't trust that I could experience my desires!

My reality was my past as far as I knew -- and I convinced myself of this because everyone and their mothers believed it too.

But, when I allowed myself into this new reality and became unapologetic about opening up to my desires, I found myself waking up with more energy, more clarity and more me than ever before.

And when I woke up being more myself, my bank account, environment, relationships and personal experiences became far more expansive than I could have ever imagined.

The simple truth is that you have access to your desires when you become available for them.

Just like a flower thirsts for water to grow and a car requires fuel to drive, you too have to seek your desire to live in a certain way that requires you to expand into your most inspired self.

My journey of uncovering this truth and growing my business in such a short amount of time started with taking action on the profound desire to work with people on a transformational level.

Make no mistake, your desire to do the same stirs in the deepest dwelling of your being, and when you continue to align with your most present desires, you can create a fantastic lifestyle and business that is an expression of the essence of you.

When you acknowledge your desires, you give yourself permission to express your freedom.

Despite all the years of healing you've been through and self-help books you've read, it is very possible that you are still stuck in your money story and relationship drama that have, up until this point, kept you in the dark about your desires.

But, today is the day that is going to change.

I know if you are reading this, you have a deep calling to do great, transformational work in the world. You are meant to travel often, experience adventures with friends and with a beautiful family, purchase fabulous clothes and food that make you feel vibrant, surround yourself with beautiful environments and experience a luxurious life that fuels you and inspires you -- and others -- daily.

If you ever catch yourself judging another woman or man's way of living, I invite you to do the exact opposite; and by this I mean, celebrate it!

The seed of this judgment is more often than not a mirror of you not living through your desires.

Your unique expression is what life is beckoning you to come out with, at this very moment, so that others may receive transformation through you.

I believe with the core of my being that, as inspired women and men, we are here to access our desires, create great wealth, take action and live unapologetically.

I also believe that we are here to learn from one another, collaborate, support and energetically lift one another up into our greatest expressions -- and did I mention make great money while doing that?

Put yourself in the game today, and don't let another day go by that is chained to a belief of the past.

I shot this video in the gorgeous Ritz-Carlton on my recent trip to L.A. Here you will find your next action step, and get in touch with your desires.

Comments action step: What is most inspiring thing you would love to experience in your business or lifestyle? Note: Trust your first take on this question! Write what comes to mind and own it in the comments below, because what intuitively comes to you, is what is possible for you, too.