06/14/2013 02:22 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2013

Content Marketing - Can You Hear/Read/See/Share Me Now?

Smartphone penetration in the U.S. is now 61 percent of mobile subscribers. In addition to the ways consumers and brands can interact with each other via their mobile devices, new wearable technology (Google Glass, Jawbone Up, Fitbit Flex) will reward business owners that can keep up with this rapid evolution.

Location based services like Foursquare can target offers to those that are near your venue, but at the same time, consumers will validate services with the recommendations from friends and influencers they trust. Apps can drive traffic to your venue, or send it to a competitor if you are not aware of how -- and what -- users are finding about your products and services.

A decade ago, delivering the best content to consumers included testing offers on Macs and PCs and optimizating for the search engine result pages from a Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer browser. The goal was to have results in the "golden triangle" of the search shelf space, the area of concentrated interest at the top of the first results page since 100 percent of those searching looked at this area.

Today, big data and quality content are the tools of a new breed of prospectors. But we are no longer looking for the golden triangle of search since we know that each user has personalized results.

The New Gold Rush

Smart business owners have been working on content marketing since merchandising and advertising genius John Wanamaker created the money-back guarantee over 100 years ago -- we just did not call it content marketing until now and it is the new gold rush: Create quality content that educates the market and builds thought leadership.

When created and distributed properly, these content nuggets increase the signals that the search engines can find. These signals will populate Google's Knowledge Graph which in return will improve the knowledge panels and the single "card" that will populate the new search and social shelf space.

The challenge is that Google Glass and other devices will only have one result for the search query instead of a list of organic and paid results.

Your Content Creation Strategy

If you want to engage with customers and prospects, evaluate your content creation strategy. Is your content easy to find? Easy to share? Remember that having a responsive website -- one that understands if the user in on a desktop computer or a mobile device, and the orientation of the device -- will increase how the user interacts with your content.

Can users find and click on your phone number to make a call? Can they use your location to get driving directions from their device? Don't forget about your email list and to send useful newsletters. Create videos, case studies and contribute articles to other sites. With these simple tactics, you will lead the new gold rush of content marketing.

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*Nielsen study of most recent three-month period (March - May 2013)