03/20/2013 01:47 pm ET Updated May 20, 2013

Puerto Rico's Incredible Climb To WBC Ignored By Mainstream Corp Media

Approximately 4.6 million Puerto Ricans in the U.S. and 3.4 million in Puerto Rico must have been walking on air since Sunday and proud of their heritage because of a late night baseball game in San Francisco where the Puerto Rican national baseball team beat the two time World Baseball Champions, Japan.

The fact that Puerto Rico even got to this semi-final game is testament to a baseball miracle since they were not expected to go beyond the first round in San Juan. Not one so-called baseball expert predicted this incredible outcome. From the inception, Puerto Rico was ranked as one of the weakest teams in Pool C of the tournament that also had the powerful Dominican, and Venezuelan teams. In the second round they had to face the powerful U.S. team from Pool D. Each one of those teams has professional all-star MLB players, whereas, Puerto Rico only had a handful, the majority are minor league and unsigned veterans and free agents.

It is incredible how a simple sports event, in this case a World Baseball Classic semi-final game can unite and bring so many people together. The island of Puerto Rico is presently faced with a serious economic situation with unemployment and an economy that continues to falter, forcing many Puerto Ricans to leave the island in search for better opportunities in the mainland. If the island could be analyzed by a psychiatrist it would be diagnosed as severely depressed. However, this World Baseball Classic has been better than a major dosage of Prozac as the entire island has been awaken from that somber state. The main topic throughout the island is not the status, economy; fail politics, corruption of lack of jobs. The major conversation on the island is the excitement that their ambassadors of baseball, the Puerto Rican national team have brought to the island.

In the U.S., where the politics and economy is somewhat different and a bit better for the 4.6 million Boricuas the level of pride has risen everywhere. The reason is that Puerto Rico has defeated all odds from round one where they sent the Venezuelan team home, in round two when they sent the U.S. team packing and in the semi-finals where they unseated the two time world champions, Japan.

What is surprising about this incredible achievement is that not one of the major corporate news entities, print or media have made mention of Puerto Rico, or for that matter the Dominican Republic, making it to the finals in this world baseball tournament. It's like the 50 million plus Latinos in the U.S. are not important enough to inform them about a sporting event that might be interesting to them.

One thing is clear, whoever the assignment editors are for these corporate news agencies, we know they are not Latino. We also know that these editors have a very limited understanding of the growing Latino population. What a shame!

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