08/31/2015 06:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

20 Totally Awesome Things You Can Make With Old Frames

Frames have a few purposes, sure, but they generally all involve their namesake -- framing things. Bear with me now, though... what if I told you that you can do way more with them than simply placing borders around art, photos, and maps?

Oh yes, these simple household accessories are just waiting to be used in new and exciting ways, so if you have a few frames hanging around your home, put them to the craft test with the projects below!

1. Frames can be art on their own with this geometric display.


Makely Scool for Girls

2. They can also serve as a fun photo backdrop at an outdoor event.


Bridal Musings / Paper Antler

3. Serve up some sweets on a framed tray.



Here's how to make this one.

4. Or with a little chalkboard paint, you can get creative with your serving tray.


DIY Network

Here's how to make this.

5. You can also top a pedestal with a frame for a vintage-looking table.


Pearle's Rosebuds

Make this for yourself.

6. If you've only got small frames, make some cool coasters!


Apple Pins

7. Go even more practical with this framed cork hot plate.


Pinterest / eHow

Make one for your kitchen.

8. Who needs a headboard when you have some fun frames?


Better Homes and Gardens

Here's how to recreate this!

9. Add some small pieces of wood and you have mini bookshelves!


Change of Scenery

10. Give your sewing nook a new look with this organization trick.


Grey Luster Girl

I've been overlooking frames my entire life. That stops today!

To find the final 10 frame crafts, head on over to JustDIY!

Looking for other inspired DIY ideas? We've got those, too!

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