03/01/2008 02:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Put Your John Hussein Hancock on the Line

I voted for Barack Obama in the primaries and my wife voted for Hillary Clinton (though she notes her vote was not against Obama). We completely agree, however, that we're wholeheartedly against Bill Cunningham and all those who support his tactics. We think there will be more hatred to come, with everyone from Rush to AIPAC getting into the act.

The RNC denounced an ad that ran in Tennessee which emphasized Obama's middle name, and we applaud their action. We also think Senator McCain is a gentleman and won't stoop to racist slurs. But we also feel that it's not enough just to hope. We have to act.

Therefore, today we're both changing our middle names to "Hussein" and encourage everyone to do the same.

Justin Hussein Frank
Heather Hussein Frank