09/04/2013 04:44 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2013

How to Enjoy NYFW Completely By Yourself

"I love fashion week, I just wish there weren't so many people there. Like, any." -- Unknown

It starts tomorrow, NYFW. That magical week when everyone is "in fashion" and street style blogs get a rush of new posts. Models walk the streets and it seems like everyone is going to and leaving a fashion show at the same time. So how to get in to this elite industry... Well, your best seat might just be in your bedroom. Years ago, this wouldn't have even been a thought. But now, with a strong signal and some good snacks, you can watch the whole week in your pajamas.

Here's a quick guide to enjoying NYFW from home. Just add WiFi.

1. Follow the official YouTube channel and watch the livestreams.
Obviously, your invite just got lost in the mail, but you can still enjoy a front row seat at all the "big shows" by just watching the livestreams. Keep a schedule of who you want to see so you don't miss out! (Don't forget to calculate time differences.)

2. Follow your favorite blogs, and keep the tabs open!
Bloggers around the world are weighing in on what they love/hate/love-hate about NYFW, and you're welcome to get in on the conversation. (*Hint hint, maybe I could be your new favorite?)

3. Track the #nyfw tag on Tumblr!
It's a great way to not only see professional shots, but behind the scenes as well! We could all do with one more shot of Cara wiggling her eyebrows in makeup, right?

4. Tweet, tweet, tweet, INSTAGRAM.
Check out the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, and follow along in the adventures of people who are actually on the streets! Let them do the heels-on-cobblestones walking FOR you.

Pro tip: This is a great way to get a different view on NYFW -- the models'.

Missed a show going on a fridge raid? No biggie,'s got you, with up to the moment articles and collection photographs.

I'm road testing this guide along with you, so follow along on my Tumblr, Twitter (@bentpieceofwire) and main blog, and we'll make a fashion week viewing party of it. I'll supply the sassy commentary if you bring the comebacks.