07/23/2013 02:11 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2013


Justine Bateman.
Acted for a long time.
Then wrote and produced.
Made a big change and decided to go to college to study computer science.
As a freshman.

I started a blog about the experience about a year ago and thought you might want to read it. (Yes, click on the colored letters for Magic Time!)

(Click here if you want to start at the very beginning of this College Odyssey.)
If you have time to kill.

And if watching the wood on your deck deteriorate has become too dull.

My school experience is mostly about how I study for tests (yawn) and what my grades were (yawn), but you might find that kind of thing "interesting."

If there isn't a riot over the boredom this blog elicits, I will then regularly post my GetACollegeLife entries here from now on.

Because my good friend, Mitch Semel, said to.

You can blame him if the riot gets out of hand.