01/12/2013 10:14 am ET Updated Mar 14, 2013

Top Five Commuter Must-Haves

As a veteran commuter, I have my train bag full of must-haves for my travel to and from the workplace, differentiating day by day. However, I am always curious to see what others have in their train bags; some who travel far carry entire activity bags with them full of Sodoku puzzles and a bookshelf worth of fiction, and some just their iPod and chapstick. These five items are a must for every (well, mostly my fellow powergirl commuters; sorry boys) commuter who is on the go.

Five must haves for the summer college intern, commuter, or first time postgrad heading to interviews:

  1. Comfortable Flats: for the train ride to/from your workplace. These will come in great handy when your heel gets stuck, you have to do a lot of shifting and lifting at work, or your poor feet just can't take it any longer. Make sure they are bejeweled, or have a bow; something to make them extra special. Target has bejeweled flats in silver, gold and rose gold for 20 dollars and up!
  2. Good pair of headphones: Skullcandy or iBeats, which are sometimes on sale over at HauteLook, and eBay is always a good alternative for shopping on a budget!
  3. Good book: Check out HuffPost Books for good summer reads; I'm reading Amy and Isabelle right now, an enticing read about an intensely strained mother-daughter relationship. Try to get one of those "need to read it while walking on and off the train stop" type reads.
  4. Classic, fitted blazer: One in a cream or black, one in a fun color like red or cobalt blue. Forever 21 has amazing cheaper options, but Banana Republic and J.Crew have good fits and almost always have items on sale.
  5. Agenda: Lilly Pulitzer makes great, fun, colorful pens and stationary, Molskine has professional yet fun notebooks and diaries to take to meetings.

What are your top five items for the 9-5 grind?