11/13/2012 04:04 pm ET Updated Jan 13, 2013

Is Master Chef the new style of Leadership?

It has been fascinating the watch the latest series of Master Chef: The Professionals, just to see Sous Chef Monica Galetti's 'look' is enough to turn the TV to stone!

But what has occurred to me is the amazing things that can be achieved with passion and commitment. To see a Michelin star kitchen at work is to watch leadership and team work at their very best.

Everyone in those kitchens are aware of the part they play in creating the whole, no-one is 'less' than anyone else, everyone is key to the production of the end result and they all set about their tasks with dedication and passion.

There is a lack of blame culture, no snide remarks, no ineffective leadership skills, no hiding behind someone else and the covering up of bad behavior. The Chef is the recognized Leader and followed by everyone, who are also allowed to shine. Everyone also knows, lives and breathes the knowledge that the excellence of their performance contributes to the excellence of the restaurant and therefore its sustainability and success.

How many times in business today do we see bad leadership skills? The person who tries to be the buddy in the locker room. The person who does not promote good talent for fear that they will be 'shown up' for their poor skills and bad management. The person who operates out of fear rather than passion.

Is it any wonder so many businesses struggle? The fundamental elements of good leadership are rarely undertaken. They do exist, obviously, but are not 'a given' in organizational culture.

Global businesses, and the people who work in them - whether private or public sector -- could learn a lot from the kitchens of the restaurants they frequent for their client lunches.

Can you imagine the power of global business if everyone approached their role with the same level of dedication, passion and desire for excellence? The question could well be 'What recession?' With collaboration and passion we have the collective ability to turn negative into positive.

If you want to see team work and outstanding management and leadership skills producing excellent results, just go out for lunch!