Is Healthy Vacationing the New Black?

Popular hotel chains are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their guests are enjoying their vacations, all while making healthy choices more attainable and with less hassle.
09/24/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Nov 24, 2013

When booking a vacation, most everyone has a different idea of fun, whether it's adventuring to uncharted lands or relaxing on a tranquil beach. One thing that most people can agree on is that staying in a healthy routine while on vacation can, at times, be a struggle and if there's something important to always remember it's that there are no vacations from a healthy lifestyle. That being said, are binge-eating cruise buffets being traded for fitness savvy hotels?

Popular hotel chains are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their guests are enjoying their vacations, all while making healthy choices more attainable and with less hassle.

1. Are you staying at a Westin hotel? This global hotel chain has recently partnered with fitness brand, New Balance, to offer guests sneakers and sportswear to use for the duration of their stay. An added bonus? Guests using the chain for events such as marathons will receive turn down gifts with race "fuel" to munch on and "good luck" wake-up calls.

2. InterContinental is going EVEN in the United States. In the next five years, InterContinental will be launching 100 EVEN hotels across the U.S. These hotels put a focus on health and fitness, while emphasizing exercise, food, work, and rest. Why the U.S.? InterContinental says, "There are 17 million healthier-minded travelers in the US who find it hard to stay active and eat right when they travel. EVEN Hotels will ensure guests have the services and experiences they need to gain more control and feel good about their travel experience." They're certainly on to something--hopefully an expansion program is in the works!

3. The Sheraton wants to work your Core. Sheraton Hotels & Resorts has paired with Core Performance to offer guests travel workouts called Core Fitness. Using an online tool, guests are able to customize their workouts to fit their needs and schedules. The program also includes nutritional advice and can easily be accessed at

4. Don't have enough room to pack your running gear? Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has got you covered. Partnering with Reebok, guests of the Fairmont's President's Club loyalty program are eligible to access complimentary Reebok workout apparel and footwear, which is delivered directly to the guest's room. In addition to their fitness partnership, Fairmont Hotels across the globe are working to ensure more health-conscious meals are on restaurant menus.

5. While larger hotel chains are certainly sprucing up their healthy lifestyle choices, boutique hotels everywhere are enticing guests with healthier details.

--The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV now offers Stay Well rooms that allow guests a more tranquil experience. Energizing light systems, vitamin-C infused shower heads, and air purification systems are just a small taste of what luxury amenities await vacationers.

--Hotel 71 in Chicago, IL is now taking reservations for their fitness suites, each equipped with a treadmill or elliptical, which eliminates the journey to the gym or fitness room entirely!

--Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami, FL includes a 70,000 square foot spa and fitness center, equipped with a rock wall where guests are offered complimentary orientation classes. An added perk? Floor to ceiling windows with picturesque ocean views.

Whether your ideal vacation is relaxation or exploration, you're sure to find a place that can keep you on the path of a healthy lifestyle or ensure you're motivated to do more than sip Mai Tais at the pool bar. But really, is there anything wrong with the latter?