11/26/2014 05:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Planning a Honeymoon? Don't Miss These 6 Tips!

Some days I wish I could go back and plan our wedding all over again. Just kidding, I would never wish for that, but what I DO wish I could do is plan our honeymoon all over again. We were less than thrilled with Costa Rica (you can't win them all!), but you can't go wrong using any of the below tips.
(Sometimes I do re-live our honeymoon just to look at my smoking hot husband. #realtalk)

Planning a honeymoon? Here is some of my best advice!

1. Don't use a travel agent. They are getting commission off the packages they sell to you, so they're going to guide you toward the packages where they receive the highest revenue. I would do the same thing! What I'm saying is--only you know what you will like. The reality is that the majority of these travel agents have never been to the resorts and destinations they're selling you on. Before our honeymoon, we had always booked trips ourselves and figured we would take a chance since we had heard great things regarding travel agents making THE BEST arrangements. Never again, lesson learned.

2. If you're going to a tropical, all-inclusive type of place, you will live in your swimsuit, so pack accordingly. I got this advice before we went on ours and made sure I had a different bathing suit for everyday, as well as a new cover-up. It helps later when you're trying to differentiate days via photos

3. If you have any sort of food allergies, pack things like granola bars, that you know you'll be able to eat in a pinch. My husband verified with our resort that I would have plenty to eat with a gluten allergy, but when we got there it was a totally different story. Being sick for eight days on your honeymoon IS NOT fun. Thankfully, I always keep at least one box of KIND bars in my suitcase when I travel.

4. Use your days to unwind and completely unplug. I know, I know. You want to look at all your wedding photos, check in on Facebook & Instagram and make sure your email inbox hasn't imploded. I did, too! Save it for the evenings when your significant other is grabbing a shower or you have some downtime before dinner. Spend your daytime simply taking in your time off!

5. This one seems obvious, but I was completely aloof. For international travel regardless of if the resort says you will not need it, bring a converter. So many of our plug-in items (hairdryer, toothbrush, razor, etc.) completely failed on us mid-trip because we weren't able to charge them! The items we were able to charge made this horrendous buzzing noise that led me to believe they would explode at any given moment. Just pack that darn converter.

6. Again for international travel, make sure your passport is up to date! One thing that didn't happen to me, but happened to a friend is in regards to passports and name changing. If you plan on taking a later honeymoon and have changed your name officially, make sure your passport matches the name on the ticket! They will 100 percent not let you on the plane otherwise. YIKES!

What honeymoon tips do you have for engaged couples?