02/25/2014 03:45 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2014

What Unites Us As One

I was recently invited to attend a unity week celebration assembly at a high school in Oregon. The theme: We are all united. I couldn't wait because I couldn't agree more with this statement. We are all connected through pain and sadness and through joy and happiness. We each experience both. The human bond transcends culture, ethnicity, gender and career. The human experience binds us all as one. I was thrilled to attend.

It was incredibly powerful to share in a morning of togetherness. Togetherness with high school students, teachers and administrators. A day where differences and similarities were celebrated. A day where everyone was 'one.' This is so important to me because I so believe in it. I believe that when you see the good in others, then only good prevails. I believe that when you are aware of what connects us as the same and of what differentiates us through our differences, you can celebrate both. I believe we are all united and with that belief comes my desire to help spread that message.

As I said my experience at Unity Day was incredible. I experienced a school noticeably united, not just in spirit, but visually too as they all sat in rows, wearing their identical red T-shirts. They didn't just say 'we are united,' they wanted to show it. They wanted everyone to know. That's what unity is all about isn't it? Doesn't unity mean joining together, forging a bond, working on the greater good together? Doesn't it mean standing as one? Trust me when I say that this student body demonstrated all of these.

After sharing in a morning assembly with them, they then brought me to tears with their unity. As their student body President explained, not only were these T-shirts to show their unified spirit but also their group effort, unified support, of something else. That something else --something extremely close to my heart. The President went on and shared that the students had purchased these shirts and that ALL of the proceeds were going to Classes 4 Classes. As I said -- tears (upon tears.)

As if that were not enough the students also decided through the guidance of their very supportive administration to take on their own 'caring and kind' project. They will now each embrace everything C4C stands for, reaching out to others, caring for others, being kind. They will each choose to do something important to them. Each student will be choosing a way to give back to others, either within their school or greater community. They will then share their good deed with their fellow peers.

That is unity. That is showing you can work together to make something incredible happen. It's a lesson for all of us to be reminded of each day. You see the beauty of unity is that it allows us to accomplish far more than we would have ever been able to accomplish alone.

I am beyond inspired students of Centennial. Well done. You are true role models. As I said that morning, you are certainly 'knowing your purpose, and being the change.' Thank you for including me and C4C in it.