08/01/2016 10:17 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2017

How To Know If You're On The Right Path

I believe we are all here to unleash the power of our soul. To live a life that is our highest authentic expression. To walk a path that is ours, not someone else's.

The only way you can get lost is when you walk a path that isn't yours.

What if we walked our path? What if we committed to the journey? What if we didn't try to make ourselves wrong for wanting to do it differently? What if we fed the curiosities and nudges?

What if we could know for sure what our path is?

Over the years I have questioned a hundred times what my path is because everything I was told I should do didn't feel right to me.

When we are children our society tells us that we go to school, get an education, get a good job, to make good money, then retire and die. Why this way of life is considered 'the path for everyone' does not make sense because we aren't a machine meant to live a mechanic, robotic life.

I often questioned, "How could everyone want to do the same thing?" Why are there only a few people who are doing something different, something that is an authentic expression of their strengths, skills, passions, ideas and well-being? Why is someone who wants to do it differently torn down, instead of encouraged?

What are we all so afraid of when the guaranteed end to all paths is death? The greatest paradox to the human condition is that we're so afraid to live because we're so afraid to die. I believe a shift in the collective consciousness is required, which is very much happening right now. When we start to question the norm and walk our path - this will give so many other people the permission to do the same.

I've experimented a lot with what my path could be. I thought it was to be a doctor because I love to help people. I thought it was to be a lawyer because again I could help people. I thought it was to be a diplomat because I wanted to facilitate peace and help people.

The common thread I found in all those potential paths was my desire to help people, but none of the mediums I thought could be the way, felt right.

You know it's your path when it feels aligned. It feels expansive, exciting and energizing.

Remember these three E's: expansive. exciting. energizing.

Whatever path you're on right now and you're questioning if it really is your path, then ask yourself these empowering questions:

Is what I am doing feel expansive?

Is what I am doing feel exciting?

Is what I am doing feel energizing?

Your body will tell you. You'll feel light and expansive in your chest. Your heart may feel open. Your shoulders relax. You feel a sense of joy and peace.

If anything makes you feel this way - follow it. This is a sign that you've found your path. Start walking. Follow the excitement.

I like to refer back to the three E's everyday and especially when I don't feel like doing something. Given all of my options right now, which option feels the most exciting? Choose that. Continue to choose the things that feel exciting and it will get easier to make choices that support your well-being and align you to your path.

Check-in with yourself using this 'equation' below to know if you're on the right path, your path:

Follow excitement ➝ Be energized ➝ Feel expansive.

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