07/09/2013 05:05 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2013

Lilly in the Valley

Perhaps you'll remember back to my article, "High-Risk Investments of the Heart" Lilly in the Valley will begin a short series, part of a larger composed work that will explore the topics of love, relationships, religion and the boundaries of sex. Throughout this series, certain relationship perspectives that I have come across in rich conversation with my peers and various couples, will be implemented through the short stories. A variation of characters, scenarios and life-altering situations will be tangled between thrilling literary moments, popular culture references and real-life considerations. Ladies and gentleman, Lilly in the Valley.

Lilly stood in the middle of the room, biting her bottom lip to control the quivering. Traveling through her petite and trimmed frame was an unprecedented and undisclosed amount of nerves, crippling her. A warmth shot through her body, a feeling that had even her toes squirming around in her navy Ferragamo pumps.

The gaze from Blakeley's eyes paralyzed her and she let out a gentle sigh, a last attempt to catch her breath. Her right hand tucked a piece of her long, silky tresses behind her large diamond studs. For the first time in five years--the last time she had seen Broderick, Lilly was utterly speechless; hollow almost.

Not a moment of five years had dampened the sexiness, the dominance between his shoulders. There was still a glistening that was sweeping across his smooth brown skin. His smile was just as unearthing as it was before.

Lilly was unmoved. He stood tall in front of her, a glass of scotch one ice cube in one hand, and the other tucked into the silk lining of his Gucci dress pants. He seemed to wear a slight grin across his face, almost as it the nervousness that was incredible legible in Lilly's eyes that induced his gaze. Lilly always reserved an unbearable bittersweet appreciation for his cockiness.

The air was thick between them and still, none of the other guests, who seemed to be swirling around them in the Regal ballroom, moved. At least not to Lilly or Blakeley.

They both waited for moment clarity, of opportunity. But it never came. The only thing that showed was Parker, Lilly's date who had finally returned from the restroom, and Valentina, Blackely's arm candy.

They had always been good in making the other jealous, often at the expense of people's feelings that couldn't care less about. Joining together their passion for one another, hover, proved to be an impossible, a causality of the relationship even.

Seemingly synchronized, Valentina and Parker planted kisses on both Lilly and Blakeley, snatching them from their stolen moment together. The two attempted to re-adjust, to forget what's just happened but it was nearly impossible.

Lilly hadn't expected him. Surely, he would be too busy for a momentous reunion, right? After all, he was fresh out of medical school and knee-deep into his residency, what time did he have frivolous gossip, cheap drinks and long lost friends? There would come a time during that weekend where Lilly would know exactly what Broderick came for. There would come several moments when Blakeley heard things he'd spent five years holding his breath for. The next four days would either leave them clinging to one another, or wishing they had left the untangled mess as something they at least recognized.

Part I.