06/13/2012 01:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Surprise Party (I Love You)

On June 1st, I traveled to my hometown Stuckey, Florida for a surprise birthday party for my mother that was put together by my aunt. After being in talks to do a reality show and participating in several docu-series, I imagined what my reality show would look like. The relatives I spoke with are cool with it. As for myself, I think it has to be a balance of my work, family, and life with friends. More than anything I would want it to be inspiring to artists or others who have or desire careers in the arts and not about drama that serves only the purpose of entertainment.

Life is not without drama, however. I get that more than anyone, but I do believe we can transcend it, grow, and fall in love over and over again with life and each other. If a reality show is meant to be, I know things will align and there it will go. If not, well... I also like to collect footage for my life documentary that will be put together 30 years from now (or for the found footage collection that will be left behind when I am long gone).

I have made videos for family and friends over the years. This one I will take home with me and share with those who aren't on Facebook, particularly my mother and aunt. I have posted the video to my page and used the song titled, "I Love You (Remix)." Check it out below! And tell us, who are the ones you love the most?