06/29/2012 05:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Weirdness Inspired

When logging into Twitter last week, I came across a tweet that mentioned me.


My heart fluttered. Curiosity got the best of me. When I checked out what was being discussed I was actually flattered.

I have been producing and starring in my own web series, entitled, "Melody Set Me Free," that streams on Whosay. Season Three premiered this past Wednesday and will air every Tuesday night for seven weeks.

James Franco on WhoSay

I have begun recording dialogue, music and pondering how to execute my feature film 'Introducing Kaye. "How can or what should I create to substitute the "money shots" that the script doesn't call for?" and "What about all the coverage shots that time may or may not allow? These are the questions that run through my mind. The web series has also become a way for me to experiment with visuals and expand on them to create a feature-length piece.



Last December I participated in's Video Art and Experimental Film Festival as a panelist.

This panel was moderated by Brittany Stanley (Editor-In-Chief of other panelists, including Brian House (The Research and Development lab at the NY Times), and Professor Shelly Silver (Columbia University). We discussed the current state of video art and its future in the Digital Age.

With it being a vast number of options to experience video, film, and performance, I am always grateful when I am invited to be a part of any platform that falls into alignment of where I feel my work belongs. I refer to these opportunities as vehicles, not in the sense of using them then disposing of them or simply using them. I see them more as the machines that carry or drive the movements.

This weekend, I will begin painting my space that I will convert into sets for my experimental musical feature film, "Introducing Kaye."


No, Shia Lebeouf isn't the first Hollywood/actor/celebrity to contribute to experimental music, film, video, performance, or art and I'm sure he won't be the last. However, seeing this video felt right on time to me. It was a reminder that we artist should always push our work, be daring, brave, fearless, transformative, transcendent.. Keep experimenting go for it, work it out!

Thank you Sigur Ros and Shia LaBeouf for inspiring more weirdness in me.

Also a special thank you to James Franco and Rabbit Bandini Productions for giving me a platform and space to continue presenting, developing, refining my visual language and performance skills! And for helping me maintain that jolt of energy source within that keeps my motor/engine running!