08/29/2012 12:28 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

What to Wear on the First Day of School

I would love to say that the outfit does not matter -- that it's the inside that counts. In reality, this is true, but in the world of high school, it is not. No one reads the inside of a book unless they see that the cover fits their style. Although I would love to deny this fact, I am ashamed to say I have done it myself. It's terrible, but I swam through a sea of jocks and goths to get to the hipster on the other side. I figured we would have the most in common and could at least start a conversation about our love for yesterday's music and her cute Urban Outfitters outfit. Every time that I used this strategy, I usually learned that my "look-a-like" was not a nice person, and that the kids I passed could have been my best friends. Still, I fell for fashion every time.

Planning my first day of school outfit is a tradition that has stuck with me even into college. In my opinion, clothes speak volumes. Even though no outfit will show the subtleties of my personalities, I can tell the world something bold about my self through fashion. I can even lie. For this first day, I can be whoever I want to be. How do I want my peers to see me? Who do I want to attract? It is up to me, and my wardrobe, to decide this daunting question.

What would my go-to first day of school outfit be this year? A funky collared shirt underneath a chunky cable knit sweater, skinny jeans and some Tom's Dessert Wedges would be my choice. For hair, a top knot. Of course, a few accessories would be included. I am into gold these days. So, a large gold cuff and gold hoop earrings would complete the ensemble.

Let's go through this outfit and see what each piece says about my personality (or the personality I want people to see).

We will take it from the top. The top knot screams sophistication. It says that I am mature yet youthful, showing off my young face. This hairstyle leaves me without hair to hide under which screams bold and uninhibited.

The oversized knit sweater says that I am not afraid to cover up my body. Instead of showing it off, I am showing that I do not need to show it off. I have found the confidence to not do the signature "skin play" in order to get instant attention. The layering of the sweater over the collared shirt also shows my artistic side, as I play with color palettes.

The collared shirt shows the wild undertones of my personality. The wild pattern, whether it is polka dots or loud stripes, shows that I am playful and ready to party even though I put up a "sophisticated" front.

The skinny jeans show off my body in a subtle way. They give off some sex appeal in an otherwise extremely modest outfit. The pants provide a way to get noticed, while still appearing covered up. They show my clever and manipulative side.

Finally, we come to accessories. The wedges give me a heel without being overwhelming. Like the skinny jeans, they play up the sexy in a behind-the-scenes kind of way, lengthening the leg while still looking "school girl innocent." With these, I get the best of both worlds. I get to be the innocent girl and the diva at the same time. Oh, the wonders of a wedge. We can't forget about the gold on my wrist and ears. This gives off just a touch of "high and mighty." Gold gives the illusion of power and prestige. Again, showing confidence and a "no one can take me down" attitude.

Is any of this true of my personality? Not really. I am shy, lack confidence and have major insecurities about my body. But through the power of dress-up, I can make my peers think anything. The first day of school for me is like Halloween. Only later will I really get to know my peers. For now, I will dress to impress, playing the game like the others.