08/23/2013 04:37 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2013

5 Wedding Details You Can Stop Overthinking

All those tiny little details that make your wedding unique can also drive you completely bananas. Any bride who's stayed up until 2 a.m. trying to pick the perfect font for her wedding invitations can probably relate to Kelly Clarkson, who just announced that she's scrapping her elaborate wedding and eloping instead. "We just got so overwhelmed by it -- all the decisions," she told People magazine. Feel like you're one decision away from your own case of wedding burnout? Here are a few things you can stop stressing about.

1. The bridal party.
Obviously they're important -- they're the people you've chosen to stand next to you on one of the most important days of your life. But don't think too hard about how many you have, or who stands on which side, or whether you and your fiancé have the same number of people in your posse. Two attendants or twenty, groomsmaids or bridesmen, even or lopsided -- it all works. Ask whomever you want to ask.

2. The programs.
My hubby and I had a lot of guests coming from out of town, and we (okay, I) imagined them arriving early and twiddling their thumbs. So I spent hours designing a program booklet that included games and puzzles inspired by our seven-year relationship. And then I accidentally left the programs at my parents' house the morning of the wedding. The programs arrived at the church about two minutes before I did, and... no one noticed. Feel free to keep your programs as simple as possible.

3. The favors.
Seed packets or scented soaps? Tiny wine bottles or engraved corkscrews? There are approximately 29304238 different options for favors, but can you name the last three wedding favors you received? If not, then stop stressing about yours. (P.S. Everyone likes food and plants, and you can always skip the favors altogether and donate to charity on behalf of your guests.)

4. The shoes.
They don't have to be white, they don't have to be dressy, and the maids don't have to match. I've seen purple glitter stilettos, cowboy boots, flip-flops, Toms, and bare feet. They were all perfect. Wear whatever you're comfortable with.

5. The trends.
For every trend or tradition, there's someone itching to declare it outdated. The rustic chic trend inspired the Mason Jar Manifesto, which inspired a barrage of blog posts defending the awesomeness of mason jars. (Because, really, they're adorable.) The recent trend of "chase photos" was only around for about three seconds before someone decided it was so totally over. And the mere mention of a garter toss can stir up a raging debate among brides-to-be. But if something strikes a chord with you, who cares if it's in or out? Don't get Pinterest-pressured into following a trend, but don't skip out on something you love for fear of being trendy, either. As long as you're happy, and your wedding reflects who you are, then the rest is really just details.

Did I miss anything? What details did you overthink? Which details did you decide to "let go"?