Size of My New Diet of Self-love

03/07/2014 05:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Are you tired of living your life either on or off of a diet? Here is the diet to end all diets. It is my new Diet of Self Love:

My diet will include the following required intake every morning:

A large cup of "Gratitude" for simply waking up to a new day of life;

A large serving of "Self-Love" as I assure myself that whatever challenges of the day are before me, I will be able to meet with courage and strength;

Two servings of "Gentleness", because I can never seem to get enough of this nutrient; and, a bottomless bowl of "Acceptance" of my strengths and weaknesses.

For Lunch, I am required to digest the following:

A serving of "Relaxation"; accompanied with a side dish of "Fun"; and Followed by a self-indulgent treat of "Giving myself credit" for those portions of the day I have already shown-up for and been present during.

For a mid-afternoon snack I must consume "Time to Myself," during which I take a short walk, or just sit with the silence of my own thoughts.

The third and final meal for the day, in an effort to make sure I am properly nourished, requires that I make sure the day does not go by without my "Feeding my true hunger and needs."

Dessert should definitely be sweet. I will indulge in the "Sweet Satisfaction," that I have lived a day in my life where I fed and nurtured myself according to the size of my life, and during the day did not focus on the size of my body.

The following will be off-limits: Consuming any portion of "Self-hate"; Indulging in any amount of "Fat talk" or for that matter any self-denigrating talk"; Mindlessly noshing on "Being my own harshest critic"; and Binging on "minimizing my efforts and accomplishments."

I will take the following supplements to nourish me, when possible, and in reasonable amounts:

Quiet time with myself; sleep; exercise; spending time with loved ones; and engaging in activities I enjoy such as: reading, writing, decorating, cooking, baking, candy-making, entertaining, traveling, running, dancing, laughing, listening to music, and being creative.

I know if I stick to this diet, it may just be the diet to end all DIE-ts.

It will be a life-giving diet instead of a way to DIE a little bit everyday. In fact, with this diet "I will only lose what is unwanted and gain myself!"

Have a large-sized day and a large-sized life!