09/05/2012 03:41 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

Industriel: A Food Orgasm for the Soul

This is my first food review so bear with me. I had to review this restaurant because hands down it is one of the best meals I've ever had. Everything was just so perfect. It's like I had gone to food heaven. Lets start off with my drink order. I had the Hess Cabernet and a shot of Ilegal Mezcal on the rocks. There are very few places that carry Ilegal, so any restaurant that does automatically gets four stars in my book. I had the daily bread, which consisted of focaccia and a wheat baguette with lemon thyme butter. The bread literally melted in your mouth. It was warm and very flavorful. Next I had the kale salad with bacon, panko, Parmesan, white anchovies and roasted garlic bacon dressing. Now, I'm not a big salad person but good lord was this good. The dressing was perfect. The kale was crisp and the bacon chunks were out of this world. I'm sure my eyes were rolling back in ecstasy at this point. But the best was yet to come. For my entree I had the duck with wheat berry wild rice cake, pecans, currants, baby roots and hibiscus jus. OH MY GOD! It was by far the best duck I've ever had. Duck is hard to get right. If you overcook it, it's tough, gamey and way too chewy. If you under cook it, it tastes plain weird. But this was the most flavorful, tenderest, best tasting duck I've ever had. It was like a seven wonders of the world delight.

A restaurant can have all the great food in the world but if the service sucks, I really don't want to go back. This was certainly not the case with Industriel. I had two waiters, Jeremy and another girl I did not the get the name of. Jeremy's service was impeccable. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and had some really good insight about the menu. My other server never let my water glass get even half empty and she was very friendly as well. I had the pleasure to meet the owner, who couldn't have been more gracious. I even got to chat with one of the cooks for a minute, who was also gracious and even gave me a few tips about their breakfast and lunch menus.

Overall this experience is on top of my list of dining experiences. The food was heavenly, the service was amazing and the atmosphere was delightful. If I could, I'd probably move in here. I hope everyone who reads this article will go out and get yourself a little piece of heaven at Industriel.