12/21/2007 01:34 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

In My Dreams You're Blowing Me ...

. . . Some kisses from the New Orleans City Council."

In the song Let's Duet from this weekend's Walk Hard, Dewey Cox sings about blowing kisses. You could add the words "From New Orleans" today.

At a hearing over demolishing public housing, Councilwoman Stacy Head blew kisses to a heckler in the audience. She then took a drink from a water bottle and turned her back. Protesters have accused her of inciting a racial riot.

The riot would have happened without the councilwoman's kisses as some citizens not allowed entrance were tazered and pepper sprayed while hanging on the gates outside the building.

During the meeting, Councilwoman Shelley Midura quoted Abraham Lincoln while criticizing "demagogues and terrorists" leading the public housing debate. The council voted unanimously to tear down the four structures that have remained empty since Hurricane Katrina.

With the alternate view, Rev. Torin Sanders of the Sixth Baptist Church told the council, "I've watched post-Katrina families trying to come home. I've buried people who have given up because they were saying, 'I can't come home unless I come home in a box.' "

The Mayor didn't attend, but sent a letter.

It was my first day back in town.

(Kisses were blown by Head, not Midura (WDSU Video). Thanks to only51and218matter for the correction.