04/08/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Landrieu Continues New Orleans Family's Mayoral Dynasty

2010-02-07-mitch.png Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu made his first speech as Mayor Elect of the City of New Orleans with, "One team. One fight. One voice. One city," and also rallied the crowd at The Roosevelt Hotel with, "What we gonna do is get ready for the Saints to go all the way and to bring the Superbowl home to us. God bless you and good night." National headlines already reflect that Landrieu is the city's first white mayor since his father's tenure ended in 1979.

The candidate who came in second, Troy Henry, held a press conference early in the race decrying what he maintained was racially biased election coverage by the New Orleans media, in particular poll numbers showing that Landrieu had a chance to win the race outright.

Landrieu ended up achieving his win with 65% of the vote, eliminating the need for a mayoral runoff election.


Progressive candidate James Perry (left) came behind John Georges and Rob Couhig. His campaign volunteers pointed out that raising 1/20th of Georges war chest and coming in fifth showed the power of grass roots mobilizing.

Every campaign office bemoaned low voter turnout, with the combination of Superbowl Eve and heavy parade traffic keeping many voters from making it to the polls at all.

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