11/17/2011 10:19 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

All Roads Converge

I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote to you. I hope you missed me. In my last post I talked about the preparation for my Erickson Beamon presentation at Milk studios, the "Redemption of Eve," in September. Since then I swung from fashion week to the month of holidays. I have been a student of the Kabbalah Centre for 17+ years. The Rav and Karen Berg are my spiritual advisors. My daughter Mandie, my husband Eric and I participated in a Kabbalistic Rosh Hashanah in Florida where 3000+ people gathered to try to end pain and suffering in the world. My daughter Monique spent the holidays at the London Center, and then took the Eurostar to Paris, to show our Spring collection. The exhibition was fantastic.

Anyway, after Paris I went LA to give Showroom Seven Los Angeles some much needed love. Now I'm finally back in NYC and returned to my routine. How great! Every Tuesday I attend a Zohar Class at the Kabbalah Center. This week was special: Yehuda Berg (the Rav and Karen's son) gave the lesson. During class, my daughter Mandie texted me to say she was attending the Barneys party for Christian Louboutin w/ her best friend China. China (Chow) is a family friend, the face of Barneys, and she hosts a TV Show on Bravo called Work of Art. Mandie and China's next stop after Barneys was the Plaza Athenee, to the suite of the Prince and Princess of Monaco. And here's how everything came together: Yehuda Berg is also the spiritual advisor to HRH Prince Albert II and HRH Princess Charlene! Mandie BBMed Yehuda and he met them at the hotel. I think it's incredible that people of eminence, wealth, and fame are humble, sweet, invested in spiritual growth and the study of Kabbalah.