08/26/2011 08:44 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

New York Fashion Week Is Just Around the Corner

Me, blog? How could that be?  I hate to admit it, but I am techno-handicapped. But I can voice an opinion -- boy, do I have an opinion. My life is a blur of family, fashion, art, Kabbalah, and politics. I never studied fashion -- I went to art school -- but I have been designing most of my life. I have been a mother since I was a teenager, and I refer to myself as a 'Pre-Madonna' Kabbalah student. 
Life is hectic now. New York Fashion Week is around the corner, and I'm busy designing jewelry for the shows. Anna Sui's fabrics are beyond beautiful: romantic, poppy, with a dash of Andy Warhol. I am totally inspired! The new kids on the block are Creatures of the Wind. This season they put a whole new spin on headgear but I can't say too much. I don't want to spill the beans. My sample room has been working overtime on a fabulous holiday project for New York's best department store (shhh, I can't say the name, but I bet you can guess). It's summer in New York but Christmas is on my mind...
It is sooo busy in New York, in fact, that I went to Israel for only 3 inspiring days on a spiritual trip with the Kabbalah Centre. Erin Fetherston and Miguelina were on the trip also. I expect the catwalks in Lincoln Center will have a holy vibe, come September.
I design for Erickson Beamon but I also own the agency Showroom Seven. We recently relocated to West Chelsea. Now, instead of being surrounded by the commuting hordes, our new neighbors are among the best art galleries in the world. I walk the High Line to work every day inspired by nature above ground and art on the street. I love Chelsea!
The night before I left for Israel we had dinner at Bottino on 10th Avenue. Our friend Heidi from Scoop was having her managers' dinner in one room, and Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson were 2 tables away. I am the chair of the amazing Steven Petronio Dance Company and both Laurie and Lou have collaborated with Stephen. What a fabulous chance encounter...
I love Chelsea where every walk is a walk on the wild side. I love New York. I love fashion. And I am grateful to get to know you.