11/08/2014 10:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grey's Anatomy Recap: No More Shower Sex in 'Don't Let's Start'

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 11, Episode 6 of ABC's Grey's Anatomy, titled "Don't Let's Start."

Finally! I don't like missing weeks of "Grey's Anatomy," especially when the other Shondaland creations get to run. I know it's the oldest of the bunch, but show a little respect, guys.

Here are some highlights:

1) I am glad they are tackling grown-up health. Bailey has been looking unhealthy and uncomfortable since the premiere and this week a 42 year old man with high cholesterol and acid reflux turns out to have a tumor. This gets her in the mood to make some changes. Do it, woman! I don't want you to have a stroke.

2) I am going to start walking around and finishing conversations with "I have a triple decker slupodecotomy to get to!" Did you notice how many characters finish a conversation in haste because of a procedure they have to do? Every time you hear someone do it, drink! And then drunk tweet me. Come on, it will be fun, I promise.

3) Arizona sleeping in the on-call room is a nice touch. And so is Alex realizing how crazy mean Geena Davis is to her. Like, Papa Pope mean. Here's the catch: Fancy doctor has a brain tumor that is going to kill her within 6 months. That's why she is being so hard on Arizona to memorize her revolutionary, radical, and new techniques. And also why she obviously has some personality disorder. Arizona is a goodie two-shoes though, so she's conflicted about telling Owen. But then there's the whole high stakes thing. Oh, drama.

4) Yo, Derek, lay off it! He is convinced that Richard, Maggie, and Meredith should be like his big, fat, brain surgeony family and want them to eat pot roast. It doesn't happen because he's too busy having sex with Meredith though (they stopped fighting for a minute to consummate their marriage). Only silver lining in this storyline: further evidence that sex in the shower is uncomfortable and awkward at best. Did you see how Meredith was getting soap in her eyes? Let's stop spreading this fallacy of romantic bathing.

5) April and Jackson and their baby are so boring, borderline irritating. Good time to refill your vino.

6) Shout out to some classic gore shots this week. I feel like we've been seeing a lot more gross medical stuff, or at least blood, which is a bit of a throwback. I also like this technique of using black and white and color to bring scenes in. When Bailey is flashing forward to telling the family her patient died on the table, the editing served to speed up the process (instead of having to cut to them washing their hands and heading out and having a whole scene) and keep it compelling.

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