04/10/2014 10:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grey's Anatomy 'I'm Winning' Recap: All This Time, It Was All About Yang

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 10, Episode 19 of ABC's , titled "I'm Winning.'"


Does anyone else find it frustrating that Cristina is peacing out (and the world as we know it implodes) just as "Grey's" is getting good again? Not that it wasn't always good, but the plotlines have come back down to earth (no "Lost" crashes or major storms) and the witty banter is top notch. Maybe it's because everyone is doing so well (I realize I'm jinxing this).

This week: Yang is nominated for a Harper Avery and is adorably trying to pretend like she has better things to do. Which, technically, she does. The heart family from last week has settled in and made themselves at home. I've spent my fair share of time in a hospital and I don't remember the docs letting me Eloise it out or think it was cute when I interrupted them during their rounds but we'll let it slide.

The team rallies around Yang's new clout trying to get a sheep heart for the little brother and it comes down to Jackson throwing a private jet on his credit card. Alex is inspired and calls Butthole back about a private practice gig, because money means you can save babies.

Bailey is treating the bubble boy with Shane at her side (remember he's the swap monkey?) and beating herself up over Yang's nomination. Grey makes her feel useful again because she needs helps managing two HIV positive patients and a kidney transplant. Mopey faces, Webber pep talks, and sad Meredith faces ensue. But she realizes that are can use what she knows about HIV to help bubble boy. Someone get her a mocha latte!

Shepard has a brain reading machine which is basically like taking truth serum. He sees it all -- Jo is a little bit of a sociopath and Callie actually wants another baby. Cue #CALZONA drama as they decide who gets to carry it.

I won't make any predictions because I'm "not from the future," but tweet me yours. What was your favorite 80s cover moment? (I vote for "Private Eyes" while Yang warms up). Also: do you get depressed eating out of Tupperware? Let me know what you think in the comments or @karenfratti.

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