03/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Frank Sinatra: Dyslexic Self-Help Guru

You know how Frank Sinatra sang DO BE DO BE DO? He was a great crooner - but a dyslexic self help guru. To achieve all you want in your life, it's important to put the emphasis on BE DO BE DO BE DO. You must figure out who you want to BE -- because your identity is the ultimate chooser of your habits and actions.

For example:

If you view yourself as an organized person, you will choose the neatness habits of an organized person.

If you view yourself as a thin person, you will choose the eating and exercise habits of a thin person.

If you view yourself as a successful, positive person, you will choose the habits of a successful, positive person -- even in the face of adversity and challenges!


1. Before you write your TO DO LIST you should write your TO BE LIST. Who do you need to become to get all you want in your life? Do you need to be more PATIENT, more COMMUNICATIVE, more EMPATHIC, more ORGANIZED, more DIRECT? Put these TO BE words on a list, and really think about them. Work out your problems BACKWARDS! Ask yourself what "TO BE" quality do you need TO BE more of to get yourself out of the mess you are in. For example, if you're having a work problem, do you need to more CONFIDENT, more DISCIPLINED, more INNOVATIVE, more OPEN-MINDED? Put it on your TO BE LIST and think about these TO BE words all through your day. Your TO DO LIST will go so much more productively when you write your TO BE LIST first. For example, if you have an important phonecall to make -- and you look at your TO BE LIST and see PATIENT, DIRECT, EMPATHIC, COMMUNICATIVE -- your phonecall will be energized to a higher level by your conscious awareness of your BEING these qualities!

2. Enter the NotSalmon Identity Protection Program! Protect your self-beliefs by owning one of the following BE DO BE DO BE DO chants to sing to yourself when challenges strike...

(a) I'm the type of person who makes the world say "YES" to me.

(b) I am an indomitable spirit. Nothing can keep me down.

(c) I am a phoenix rising from the ashes.

(d) A lesser person would crumble right now...but not me!


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