12/19/2012 07:40 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

How to Experience Winemaking in France's Aquitaine Region


There is so much to see, do, drink and eat in France's famed Aquitaine Region, I found it challenging to plan my Travel Therapy trip. So, this time I decided to go with a theme and check out some of the new unique winemaking experiences that are now being offered in Bordeaux and throughout the region.

In the past, much of the world-class wine making process in this region was kept a secret, but now, thanks to some new innovative French winemakers, you can actually take part in a harvest and so much more. Adding to the cool factor, some of the first winemakers to offer this unique access are women who know all about breaking new ground in an industry that's centuries old.

For more check out the two Travel Therapy videos and start planning your trip!

New Winemaking Experiences in France's Aquitaine Region