Live Webcam of Humanitarian Aid at Gaza-Israel Crossing

Last week I interviewed Peter Lerner an IDF spokesperson working at the Kerem Shalom border crossing. This is the largest checkpoint/border crossing between Israel and Gaza, and it is where humanitarian aid is being transferred.

According to Lerner, no donation has been turned away, referring to the units of blood, ambulances, medical gases, food, and staples that have been donated from around the world to Gazans.

If you're involved in debating about the Gaza-Israel conflict, and are curious to see what is happening for yourself (this one's for you Annie Lennox), now you can watch humanitarian aid travel through the Kerem Shalom Crossing on your desktop.

The Israel Defense Ministry started operating a live feed of the cargo crossing point. The feed will operate during the 3 hour ceasefire every day, and includes three cameras showing the points of access and exit of the terminal.

It can be viewed here

I personally find the Kotel Cam (live feed at The Western Wall) to be much more inspiring in these troubled times. You can read more of my commentary on the conflict (like it or not) on the post "The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Is An Ancient Story."