Three Miracles From Israel for Saving Gas, Increasing Tourism and Middle East Peace


Miracle #1: If you haven't heard by now, Israel has its own mermaid. Seen frolicking in the Haifa Bay, tourism officials have offered a $1 million prize booty for solid proof she exists. Causing a boom in tourism in the town of Kiryat Yam near Haifa, people are flocking to the shores after world media reports say the half-human half-fish mermaid likes to frolic in the sea.

My theory is that 'she' is probably a disfigured dolphin or baby whale who's strayed too close to the Mediterranean shore. Given the immense amount of pollution lingering from industry and the port at Haifa, it's very likely that the animals in the bay have been affected.

Miracle #2: A company I've been following for a few months called the Z5 has created a gas saving retrofit for your car. After writing my first story on the company for ISRAEL21c, wanted to see with my very own eyes if it works. Taking oil industry critic Gal Luft with me, we saw emissions tests before and after, as well as power tests. When installed correctly the Z5 seems to work, at least for reducing emissions and giving more thrust. You can read the report I wrote about the day here. It also links to garage tests in French. We are still waiting for fuel efficiency tests to come in.

Devised by a 16-year-old Zion Badash and his dad Moshe, Moshe says that they can't explain how the Z5 works, just that it does. It somehow changes the air molecules, before the air enters the air filter making combustion more effective. The company is currently working on getting third-party tests done in the US to enter the market there. With a money-back guarantee (minus S&H) this is a 'miracle' device that's worth taking a chance on. Just don't take the company's advice by trying to install it yourself. Based on what I saw out at the garage, you need a mechanic who knows what he's doing.

Miracle #3: The third miracle to hit the Holy Land recently, is a new sewage peace pipe being smoked by Gazans and Israelis. In the works for years now, Israeli and Palestinian reps were at a UN meeting in Brazil in July signing the deal and working out logistics. The plan is to clean up Gaza's terrible sewage problem once and for all. With no infrastructure, lakes of raw sewage are collecting on land, and are spewing into the sea.

Terms of the peace deal are that Israel will provide blueprints for a Gaza City sewage plant, and Israeli experts will oversee development. Meanwhile both sides will look for funding the multi-million dollar project. All Gaza has to do is to agree. What does Israel get from the deal? For one, cleaner beaches and water on the Israeli side, and a more prosperous Gaza is better for regional development overall (read the whole story on ISREAL21c). One problem is that Hamas, reports my contacts in the city of Ashkelon, didn't let the Gaza mayor out to participate in the UN meeting in Brazil. So maybe this miracle, like Israel's mermaid and the Z5, has to be seen to be believed.