04/23/2014 11:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

An Unrepentent Carnivore

Meat tastes good.


Seriously, no tofu product can compare the that wonderful sense of satisfaction one gets from well-prepared meat.

I have tried them all, from vegan bacon to vegan Cajun sausage. As a chef I have done everything one can possible to do give them maximum support from the other ingredients in the dish. Like gluten-free bread, eating fake meat just leaves me longing for the real thing.

I am reading editorial after editorial from vehement writers suggesting that the only way humanity can survive is if we go vegan.

Their argument is not without merit. Our populations is exploding to unsustainable levels. Meat makes no sense in today's world. The amount of resources needed to produce an animal is totally out of proportion to the yield. Nothing they are saying is wrong save their belief that the world will go vegan to prevent our own demise. The world will not be joining them in their quest.

Birth control

As far as I am concerned that is the only possible solution to our exploding population. STOP making babies we cannot feed. Let sex be recreational they way Jupiter intended. Get the church onboard. Let them put out the message that we are being irresponsible stewards of the earth with all this senseless baby making.

This is not to say that we can't end factory farming and make meat an occasional side dish, topping or even garnish. I am all for outlawing corn-fed beef. It is bad for the animal and bad for the humans that consume it.

We can put animal care top on our list. We can reduce our meat consumption.

One of my favorite meals is a simple pasta with garlic and oil and broccoli when I have in the house. With a little cheese and fruit and salad, it makes a great meal.


I love my fennel and orange salad, but nothing makes my wilted spinach taste better than a touch of bacon. I also grow and eat my own tomatoes and this salad with olives and capers makes my day, but the addition of anchovies makes the salad.


Yet no matter how many wonderful vegan or vegetarian meals I eat (and not just on Monday) I always go back to meat. The craving is that strong.

I personally know two young woman who were raised vegan, went away to college finally tasted meat and, while they will likely lie to their parents, they will still eat it occasionally because in the words of one, "It tastes so amazing."

And yes, Vegans I have seen all the videos you love to share, the ones that "put you off meat forever." They are horrible and we need to legislate the treatment of animals in a big way. However they did not put me off meat.

There is no question that the world needs to change it's relationship to meat; veganism is not the answer. There will forever be humans like myself, who if needed, will slit the throat of a pig and butcher it ourselves.

There will always be a place in this world for the unrepentant carnivore.