12/15/2014 11:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Blueberry Muffin Bread

This blueberry bread recipe is so soft and moist and just loaded with fresh blueberries! It is like the best blueberry muffins you'll ever try, but in bread form. 

I love making easy blueberry muffins in the morning. I mean, it's like cake. For breakfast.

And errbody knows that blueberries are a superfood. I don't exactly know what a superfood is, or why there is no space between the two words (Hello, grammar, where are you?), but they are a big deal apparently.

So, let's just get on the superfood blueberry muffin train, k? Except don't. Because we aren't making no stinkin' muffins. (No, seriously, grammar. Where are you? Come back.)

We're living on the edge here, you guys. We're busting out the loaf pan and we're telling our muffin tin to shove it. Because, seriously. Is there anything worse than scrubbing a muffin tin that has a bunch of old baked on blueberry juice stuck in every crevice? Nope.

This recipe is actually kiiiiiiiind of a cheat for me. I took this amazing recipe for a blueberry breakfast cake that is already on the site (originally from Alexandra's Kitchen), tweaked it ever so slightly, and then I poured it into a loaf pan instead of a cake pan. Because sometimes you want bread instead of cake to make you feel more healthful and grown up.

"No, Mom. Of course I'm not eating cake for breakfast. This is bread. Just look at the shape."

Then I went ahead and drizzled it with a simple powdered sugar glaze, but don't be like me. (Totally be like me, okay? Glaze is always a good thing.)

My kids devoured this so quickly that I had to make a second batch the very next day. And that day I hid it from them, because mama don't play. Save a little superfood for me, kiddos.

Hope you guys love this! It would even make a great homemade holiday gift!

Oh, and every time I share photos of this loaf pan, I always get asked where I found it. It's pretty, right? You can find it on Amazon! The yellow seems to be out of stock, but the other colors are pretty too!

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