10/02/2014 04:34 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2014

5 Tricks For Increasing Productivity Through Simple Decor Changes

Have you ever noticed that you get more done in some places, while others just get you distracted all the time?

Would you like to make your home office work with you and not against you? To increase your productivity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're gonna love what I'm about to share.

First of all though, I have to make a confession. As a child my desk used to be a mess. I mean, really - it was a giant pile of books, notes, drawings and pictures torn out of magazines. And I'd only clean up when it'd start falling off on the sides. Ask my mum. It was a total chaos.

Fast forward two decades and my desk holds only 4 things:
- a laptop,
- a monthly planner,
- a moleskin notebook
- and a basket full of organised colourful pens, scrap paper and so on.
Even a hand cream, that I like to keep in handy (word nerd alert!), has it's designated place in my little basket.

Some might call it OCD.

And to that I say: of course it is. It's an Organised Creator's Desk!

If you want to get something done, write this email you've been dreading, create a style board for your new living room or research a menu for the dinner party next Friday - you will need to get your working space in order.

And to help you do that I have gathered 5 best home decor tricks that will transform a plain home office area that gets-you-through-the-day into a nourishing and facilitating space that works with you (and not against you) and makes you finish your to-do list sooner than you thought possible!

Since we're talking productivity, let's dive straight in!

Colours are great - I'm a big fan of colours. And used wisely they can create a variety of moods, including making you feel energised. But if you don't know how to match them and you'll decorate your working space in a way that feels disharmonious, then your entire effort to focus will be put to the test every time you look away from your screen/book/project.
TIP: Pick only one brighter colour to use as an accent, or stick to black&white, but first and foremost - keep it simple.

Colours for the sight.
A scented candle for the smell.
A way to play some music or eliminate noise (depending on what makes you more productive) for the hearing.
A healthy snack and a jug of water for your taste (and your brain! Drinking at least 2l of water is a must if you want to be healthy. And healthy mind is always more productive.)

...But I'd like for you to pay attention to something else today...

TIP: Use different textures to stimulate the long-forgotten sense of touch.

Throw in a soft pillow, add some raw wood, find a rug or even a wallpaper that has an outstanding texture.
Don't be afraid - as long as you stick to the colour rule, you can't really go wrong here.
And even though it might not feel important right now, believe me, when you're trying to type in that darn thing (whatever it is), the moment your feet touch the soft and sculptured rug which feels different to every other floor in your home, you'll experience a sensation. And sensations are strong catalysts for inspiration!

There is just one simple truth in this case: The less clutter is on your desk, the more productive you'll be. So just do it. Hide away whatever you're not using. Clear some space on your desk to let in creativity and inspiration!

Make sure you have plenty of storage to put away for the night anything you worked on during the day.
Starting a day with an empty desk will ensure you don't get overwhelmed before you even open your to-do list for the day.

Set aside some space for inspiration. Put up a board for quotes, pictures, goals or anything else that - when you rest your eyes on it while looking away from the screen - will make you feel inspired.
What I'd like you to do now is look back at this list and think about one of the points that you can implement today.

Are you going to remove too much colour? Or maybe hide away all your projects in progress for the night? Or even start the inspiration board?

Choose one point that you feel you need to change first and do it now. Do it today. Let yourself work better!

Change your home office to change the way you work. Let the outer space inspire your soul.

And then hop over to and let me know in the comments which one of the actions you're going to take today.
Let me hold you accountable!

Have a great week full of productive projects.

Kat xx