05/19/2014 05:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Do You Feel Stuck? Why King Kong Climbed the Empire State Building


In every new city I visit, I always look for a place, where I could see things "from the top." I walked up all the steps of the Eiffel Tower (stupidly enough, while wearing heels!), I took the elevator to the top of The Empire State Building and have watched Barcelona from three different points on the hills around it. And it's not like I have no fear of heights.

That's me taking a glass elevator to the top of a church in Hamburg. I was terrified.


But there is something about views from the top that draws me towards all towers and highest buildings every possibility I get.

I will never pass on a chance of seeing things... from a new perspective.

Suddenly you see the horizon and gain the distance you need to see the whole picture. When walking around the tiny streets of the old town of Gdansk, you don't see that the top of all those beautiful buildings looks like a red carpet. To find out this, you need to change where you're standing.


Looking at the whole picture is the only way to notice all things wonderful, really. And in life like in traveling, sometimes you need to find a new view point. Literally. Do you always sit on the same chair by the table? Maybe change it for once. Or it can be as simple as sitting down in a corner and observing your bedroom/living room/garden from a new perspective. What do you see differently? Is there anything in your life, to which you might apply this method?

The same way you can't see the rooftops from the ground, it might not be easy to appreciate life fully if we're stuck seeing the world from one point of view. Start looking at things from a new angle and you're bound to feel appreciation and abundance. After all, we become what we perceive.

Now, stop monkeying around and let's get to work!

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