05/12/2014 03:58 pm ET Updated Jul 12, 2014

The One Selfish Thing Each Busy Mom Should Do Now to Have No Regrets Next Year

Niklas Möller via Getty Images

Here is the truth: On your death bed, you're not going to wish you'd cleaned the kitchen more often or you'd mastered those Excel skills. You're going to wish you were given more time to be with loved ones and... (insert your dream here).

Now imagine it for a while, you're there thinking about your life, wishing for more time to accomplish your dreams. Now here is some good news. You have this time! You still have time to amend the mistakes that you haven't made yet.

The problem is that we have a "not yet" mentality. There will always be plenty more things that need to get done and especially as women, we have it somehow engraved in us that there is a certain number of things we need to do first. Is the house clean? Is there food in the fridge? Have I paid all the bills? There are a million things going through our head, what seems like, every minute. And we never put ourselves first.

Sound familiar?

But think about it for a moment: Wouldn't your kids be better off if they learned by example to follow their passions? Wouldn't it be better to order a pizza once in a while and see their mom feeling satisfied and inspired, instead of tired of living the routine? Wouldn't your whole family benefit from you taking that pottery class you've always wanted to, taking a dance class, writing a book or whatever else you dream of.

And if you have a child old enough (I think I learned to cook at about 13), they could probably warm up some pasta and a jar of ready-made sauce once a week for the whole family. It's mutual gain, really. They learn a skill and could be proud of themselves for cooking for the whole family. (Don't forget to compliment them! Even if the pasta was overcooked or too salty. They'll learn eventually, but will need lots of encouragement at first). And you could have more time to plan and figure out how to make your big dream come true.

So this week go ahead and plan it.

Write down a dream of yours on your to-do list. Because a Mother's Day shouldn't be once a year.

Be practical, too. Think of the first step you would have to take for your dream to come true and then do it! Putting your dream on the to-do list will actually ensure that you are not going to forget about it or put it on the back burner. Instead, it will stare you in the face as a reminder, every time you're getting ready to do all those other things that are oh-so-important and landed on your list.

Now think about yourself a year from now. What are you going to regret not doing in the past 12 months? And start making sure today that you won't have to feel that way.

What is your dream that you're going to add on your to-do list? I would love to hear about it in the comments.