02/02/2015 01:21 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2015

Addressing Spiritual Bullying: A Faith Fable

Kondoros Éva Katalin via Getty Images

Spiritual Bullying is one of the most prevalent, and oldest forms of bullying. Most (if not all) of our wars stem from the roots spiritual bullying has spread. It causes unease at Thanksgiving tables, with a coworker requesting time off to celebrate their specific reservations or claim a certain partner, and with a stay-at-home mom working up the nerve to suggest a particular book to her book club that she found moving and thought would also inspire others. Spiritual bullying is found on Facebook walls, as leverage in our political affairs and sadly, in places of worship themselves.

As my prior post insinuates, I'm a dreamer. But not just with hopes and aspirations. I treasure the messages our dreams bring us on the moon side of our pillow as well. The scientific reason we dream perfectly mirrors spiritual objectives in that dreaming helps us process information and understand a different language regarding a message our consciousness was unable to get across in our waking hours, furthermore helping us cope and adapt to further trauma or stressful events. It is in that state, unpolluted by thoughts of human reasoning, that a really beautiful and gracious scene visited my pillow early this morning.

And it had spiritual bullying memo written all over it.

I'm a lover of stories, and a storyteller myself at heart, so it is of no surprise this was the "language" my dream memo used. So, please, revert to story-time mode back when you gathered crossed-legged style next to all your classmates and spend some time in this setting today... we've got ourselves a faith fable:

God was presenting himself as a majestic rose bush, brimming with full-bodied roses throughout. Suddenly, a butterfly landed on God's petals and proudly proclaimed, "Sorry I'm late, I had to fly around and tell all the other butterflies they were on the wrong flower - God is the rose bush in the garden."

God, knowing the dear butterfly had the best of intentions said in a voice that combined every ounce of love and compassion you've ever felt, "But you see dear child, you've missed the point. I'm not the rose. I'm the garden."

This dream/message/realization will stay with me forever. I hope the message stays with you in times you encounter your own Spiritual Bully: no one can define how you experience God, the Universe in creation, the Spirit that moves you, or the convictions placed upon your heart through that relationship. While the reaction to all forms of bullying is usually anger, resentment or even fear, just picture God as that big, all-loving beautiful garden, and let your bully butterfly fly into their own encounters.

Be strong. Be you. Be love.

Kat Cowley is the author of "Week to Strong: Thought-Shifting Mental Shape-Up Plan" and a personal development women's workshop creator. To learn more, please visit