09/11/2014 12:09 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2014

Stop Saying You Want It If You're Not Out There Taking It!

Fact: That dream you dream about all of the time, the really big-ass one that would truly mean the WORLD to you, change your LIFE, mean that each night when you go to sleep you KNOW you are living on purpose?

You could've already done that.

Now before you get all huffy and turn away, know this - I'm not here to smack you down or make you feel bad. I'm here to lift you up, get you motivated, head back in the game, and not only ready to take action but actually freaking TAKING action.

But if we're going to do this, and I mean REALLY do it, then you do have to face facts. Do it quickly, like ripping a Band-Aid!

Imagine if you'd spend even 30 minutes a day, six days a week, over the past year, consistently, no excuses, no matter how tired or stressed or busy you were and even if you didn't know HOW... working on that dream.

Imagine if you based your actions on what you wanted to create in your life rather than on your day-to-day levels of motivation or energy...

Imagine if you knew how to prioritize what REALLY mattered to you... if you actually KNEW what really mattered in the first place...

Imagine if you had MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME for everything that was truly important...

Imagine if you had a HABIT of creating success, one foot in front of the other, step by step just doing what it takes, rather than stopping to questioning if the timing was right, or you could afford to, or there wasn't something else more pressing you had to do right now...

Imagine if you NEVER again had to try and beat the devil that is procrastination...

If overwhelm became a thing of the past because you were so damn sure of what you're here to do and how to do it...

If every step you took to create your dream business and life was aligned, deliberate, and actually MOVED YOU FORWARD...

The truth is that any of us can make our dreams come true, yes even the really big freaking scary ones.

When all is said and done there is very little difference between you setting a tiny meek "is this ok?" sort of dream versus a big-ass, terrifying "I can't believe she's going for that!" sort of dream.

Either way, you gotta overcome fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, and God knows what else that pops up along the way. Either way, you gotta keep on keeping on even when you don't know how, don't feel like it, or truly believe you CAN'T. Either way, you can decide right now that this is HAPPENING for you, or you can keep it on the back shelf of your mind as a maybe.

But here is the other truth you HAVE to face up to:

Just because you CAN achieve anything you set out to do does not mean you WILL. One of the toughest lessons I've learned in my own life, and I see it all the time with amazing women who basically just kill their own dreams, is that just because something is your 'destiny' or 'what you were born for,' does NOT mean it's going to happen.

If you WANT it you need to go out and TAKE it.

It is MORE than possible for you to allow your entire life to pass you by and you don't actually make that sh*t come true. Just look around you - you think all those people living a life of quiet desperation didn't dream of something more? What makes you think that YOU are so damn special that it's just going to HAPPEN for you, magically, because it 'should'?

It's not.

It is very, very possible - and to be honest, for 90 percent of people reading this it is my PREDICTION - that you never achieve your big dreams.

You never write the book.

You never take off for a year of travel.

You never give that crazy idea a go.

You never walk out of that job, business, relationship that is so wrong for you.

You never walk out of that LIFE that is so wrong for you.

And you never go and do what it damn well TAKES to create a life so right for you.


You can bet your ass I'll be harsh on you about this stuff.

This is your LIFE. This is your ONE SHOT. So what the FUCK do you think you're doing not living all out.

A few years ago, one of my good friends, one of the fittest and most energized guys I knew, a real down-to-earth, just genuinely great guy, started complaining of headaches while running.

He'd just proposed to his girlfriend on a beautiful cruise from Hawaii.

"Maybe you've got a brain tumor!" joked the boys in the gym.

He did.

Within 12 months, he was dead.

Dreams - gone.

Future - gone.

In those last months, he was able to fulfill some amazing dreams of meeting some of his heroes and he never ONCE complained or asked "why me"? But even the very best attitude and the love of so many people around him didn't change the inevitable.

There is an inevitable end for all of us. And I HOPE that it is decades away. But you don't know that, do you, and you know what? Even if it IS that good enough of a reason to delay on who you SAY you want to be?

And right now, how are you spending your life?

Right now, how often do you find yourself swearing you'll do something once you just get past that next hurdle?

That you'll be the kind of mother you want to be...

The kind of wife...

Spend more time with your loved ones...

Write the damn book...

Start the dream business....

Book the amazing trip you can't afford...

Say to HELL with the normal life and with doing what you SHOULD be doing today and start pressing play on the life - the YOU - you really want and KNOW YOU CAN HAVE.

I'm deadly serious when I say - I don't know how you can live with yourself if you KNOW you could have more but yet you're not out there making it happen.

And please know, that whatever I'm saying to you with what sounds like ANGER is truly love. And whatever I'm saying to you I have first said to ME, 1000 times over, and that's why I feel no hesitation in saying it to you:

Why the FUCK do you think you've got all the time in the world?

Who do you think you ARE, that the world will stop and wait for you?

What child's game do you think you're playing, that it doesn't matter if you delay another day?


Life is NOW.

And if you're not pressing play NOW then the odds are you NEVER will. It's just how it goes and you can come up with any damn good reason you like but no matter how good of a reason it is it will never EVER be good enough to be reason for not living your dreams.

So stop fucking around.

Stop listening to the never-ending litany of cant's, wont's, should's, don't know how's.


Start living like you MEAN IT.

Quit the job.

Leave the relationship.

Leave the entire LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT if need be.

Write the book.

Start the business.

Launch the thing.

Don't wait one more MINUTE because this is all you've got. So you damn well better be using it.

Remember: Life is Now. Press Play.

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