03/27/2014 10:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

34 Things I Hope for My Son, on His First Birthday

My fantastically delicious son turns 1 this week. I could go down the rabbit hole of "how did that time pass so quickly?" but I'll save you the trouble of reading that.

When we were first told that we were having a boy, I was excited certainly but my husband was thrilled. You could immediately see his life with his son flashing before his eyes. It was quite a moment to watch.

And then I realized that I wouldn't yet be able to impart my "girl wisdom" to a daughter. I soon started instructing my husband on all the things I wanted him to teach our unborn son, all the life lessons that only he could teach.

And now, one year later as the day of his birth sneaks up on us, I realize that I, above all else, am filled with hope for him. I hope for so much for him -- what I want him to be and what I want him not to be -- that I couldn't ever say it all to him.

But here's a start.

I hope you don't need to be the center of attention, but appreciate when you are.

I hope you often laugh so hard you cry.

I hope you're not a subway car bumrusher.

I hope you are a man who holds the door for everybody.

I hope you always treat women with the respect they deserve.

I hope you're scared of things... and that you have the ability and willingness to overcome them.

I hope you seek beauty out all over the world.

I hope you make friends easily.

I hope you don't sweat the small stuff.

I hope you like musicals... and that you tolerate all the Fred & Ginger movies you'll watch with me.

I hope you never have your heart broken, but if you do, that you call me.

I hope you like to dance, especially if you're not good at it.

I hope you always wear sunscreen.

I hope you realize your worth early and often.

I hope your moral compass always points due north.

I hope you like watching football.

I hope you like the Knicks as only a true believer can.

I hope you're warm and compassionate to all people (until, perhaps, they show you their true colors).

I hope you don't insist on paying on a date.

I hope you try new foods with gusto.

I hope you aren't scared to fly.

I hope you never bungee jump or skydive.

I hope you enunciate.

I hope you walk with your eyes looking ahead.

I hope you never start biting your nails or ever scoff your feet.

I hope you see the value in keeping in touch with old friends.

I hope you write thank you notes on real stationery.

I hope you seek adventure -- but not so much that I'm constantly worried.

I hope you like to cook.

I hope you learn softly that people can let you down, but overcome it just the same.

I hope you have opinions.

I hope you understand the importance of choice in all things.

I hope you like popcorn.

I hope you fight for what you want.

I will do everything in my power to make all of these things possible for you... and then some.


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