01/27/2014 06:12 pm ET Updated Mar 29, 2014

All Eyes on Your TV for the Super Bowl

On April 3, 2012, shortly after dinner, a beautiful, curious 2-year-old little girl named Chance was playing around in her house. While running back and forth between bedrooms, she yelled to her mom, "I love you, mama." Her mom, Keisha, replied, "I love you too, Chance."

Chance continued to play. She went into her 7-year-old brother's bedroom and began pulling out the drawers to the dresser so she could climb up and reach a TV -- a TV that was sitting on top of the wobbly dresser. In an instant, both the TV and dresser fell over and Chance died instantly.

Unfortunately, these tragedies happen more often than you would think. Every three weeks, a child dies from a television tipping over. And every 45 minutes, a child is injured by a falling TV.

It's been almost two years since the tragedy, and Keisha says she thinks about Chance "every day." She wants to share her story with as many people as possible. Not so that we'll feel sad, but because "I want other families do whatever they can to protect their kids and make sure that what happened to my family doesn't happen to them."

So, what better time to think about TV safety than before the Super Bowl, when millions of families will gather in front of their TVs to watch the big game?

On February 1, the day before the Super Bowl, Safe Kids Worldwide and the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) are teaming up for National TV Safety Day. We're asking families to add one important, and perhaps overlooked, task to their Super Bowl prep. Do a quick check of your home and make sure all TVs are safely secured and placed properly.

It's as easy as asking a few simple questions:

  • Can my flat panel TV tip over? If so, be sure it's properly secured. Mounting your TV is a safe solution.
  • Is my older, bulky TV placed on high furniture? Now's the time to move it to a low, stable piece of furniture that is appropriate for the TV's size and weight. If you don't use that old TV anymore, consider recycling it. Here's a video that will give you all the inspiration and information you'll need.

Checking your TV matters. So before the Super Bowl, please help us spread the word about National TV Safety Day, and take the necessary precautions to secure all TVs in your home. The safety of your children and your own peace of mind are well worth the time and effort.