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GreenBrideGuide's Tips To Plan Your Dream Eco-Chic Wedding

As an engaged couple, you have a nearly infinite number of choices to make. Incorporating earth-friendly elements takes little, if any, additional effort when you have the right resources.

At we offer tips to plan your dream eco-chic wedding. Here are key things to consider for a green and gorgeous wedding.


Choosing a sustainable ring is a big part of going green for your wedding. Look for ethically sourced diamonds or choose an antique ring from a local shop. You can also work with jewelry artisans specializing in sustainable diamonds and gemstones set in recycled/reclaimed metals.


For a spring wedding, plantable save-the-dates and invitations come in many styles and colors. If you want to go digital, you can spread your good news via email or use virtual invitations. Traditional ink is petroleum-derived and usually come from overseas, so printing with soy ink
on recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper is another green choice.


Look for dresses made with sustainable materials like organic cotton and peace silk. Buy something that you know you will wear again, and do the same for your bridesmaids. After the wedding, recycle your dress by selling it online or donating it to a charity! The men can wear suits they already own and wear a sustainable boutonniere with organic flowers tucked


Many of today's beauty products have small quantities of toxic ingredients. Use natural essential oils and soaps with nontoxic scents, organic makeup in eco-chic packaging and avoid permanent hair dyes.


Local, seasonal and organic flowers are the way to go! Ordering local blooms reduces shipping distance, which means less carbon emissions. If you want flowers that won't wilt, create arrangements made from silk, dried or clay flowers. For a creative colorful bouquet, you can join together old vintage buttons and brooches.


Film processing requires toxic chemicals, takes a long time, costs more, and does not yield higher quality results. By staying digital, your photographer can delete unwanted images, provide you with online proofs, color correct and post all of the photos on the web. Order only the prints you want, and have them printed on eco-friendly paper.


If you are looking for greener alternatives, try an acoustic band or D.J. using an eco-friendly set up. A great band can be flexible, fun and energetic. To save electricity, ask your band to use LED lights. You can also skip disposable handouts for kids.


Instead of using a disposable aisle runner, scatter petals, leaves or recycled confetti on the ground. If you are a DIY bride, create a runner using sustainable material like burlap. You can save your runner and hang it up as a mural or a decorative piece in your home. Keep with the season and create table decor that matches your theme. For a beach wedding, fill reusable glass jars with seashells, soy candles and beach glass.

Food and Beverage

Buy local, seasonal and organic food and drink. Organic meals are pesticide-free and better for you and the earth. Serve bite-sized appetizers and desserts! Think chilled shot glasses of gazpacho soup for a summer wedding or mini cherry tarts for a classic fall dessert. Guests
will be less likely to take a bite of cake and walk away if the portions are smaller.


Eco-friendly gift registries are the way to go! Google "green gift registry" for a list of ideas. Fair trade organizations also have homegoods made by gifted artisans. Ask your guests to donate to a charity or organization of your choice. Sign up for a honeymoon or experience
registry to enjoy a green getaway!


Skip the plastic throwaways and give your guests plantable favors for spring or edible treats! Place a chocolate wedding menu at each guest's seat or a thank you message on cookies. A small potted plant that guests can bring home and plant in their garden or a DIY terrarium is a great green favor.


Keep travel to a minimum: have your ceremony and reception at the same venue. You can also arrange carpooling on your wedding website ahead of time for guests. Use alternative fuel buses so the entire wedding party can travel together. For a classic twist, rent a horse and carriage to take you away instead of a car!


Purchase carbon offsets from your airline. Volunteer in the local community where you are staying. Look for green certified hotels, sustainable safaris, scuba or hiking tours that leave little impact. Stay close to home for a staycation honeymoon. Choose your favorite bed and
breakfast, walk around your favorite town and just unwind.

Now what? Ready to plan your eco-chic wedding day? Search for green wedding vendors in our Green Wedding Directory or create your eco-chic wedding registry full of gorgeous, earth-friendly items at our Green Wedding Gift Shop and Registry.

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