04/09/2014 03:26 pm ET Updated Jun 09, 2014

Traveling for Fashion in Vancouver

I recently visited the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, where I got an inside look at local fashion. To be specific, I spent a day hopping around to the many boutique clothing stores around the city.

And it suffices to say, I was impressed by what I discovered. Along with great staples like jeans, jackets and designer t-shirts, I found myself drooling over all the accessories!

There was a heavy presence of high-end accent pieces from purses, shoes, jewelry, socks, lingerie, and sun glasses. It was like you could renew your entire wardrobe in one store alone. And most of these boutiques also carried candles, soap and other household goods. Watch this video to have a virtual traveling and shopping experience with me.

I owe my Vancouver local knowledge to my friend, Trish Friesen. She runs the website where she profiles chic travel experiences featuring hotels, restaurants and fashion from around the world. And upon traveling to her home town of Vancouver, I knew I wanted to feature her in my video series.

My youtube series, called Travel with Kate follows me around the world as I connect with interesting locals who give me their unique perspectives on my destinations. And this episode was no exception!

Watch the video above and follow our journey as we shop around Vancouver and sample a couple of Trish's favorite local eateries.

For a full list of the boutiques and there websites, come to
Each of these websites have online shops where you can get a gauge for pricing and find great sales. Happy shopping and happy trails!! :)