03/21/2013 04:34 pm ET Updated May 21, 2013

Wear This Spring: Four Fresh Pieces to Factor Into Your Existing Wardrobe

Let's face facts: seasonal trends have earned themselves a reputation for being more than a little flighty. In fact, after almost a decade working in various avenues of the fashion industry, the word "trendy" itself has taken on a negative connotation; a look that just about everyone wears to death for a mere few months before casting it off to the depths of our closets for early retirement.

That said, there are plenty of seemingly fleeting items that have evolved from mere curiosities into bona fide classics. Take for instance the much-adored wedge sneaker: Since Isabel Marant debuted the Willow in 2011, the shoe and its legions of priced-across-the-board counterparts have taken on a life of their own -- season after season, appearing on the feet of too-cool-for-school girls the world over. Now that's staying power.

At the end of the day, engineering a well-balanced and fully functional wardrobe goes well beyond what we spy trotting down the runways at fashion week or what I like to call creative budgeting (i.e. how many ways can I justify purchasing the latest reincarnation of the Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag?). The trick is to arm yourself with an arsenal of garments that make you feel and look good. Of course, unless you have access to unlimited resources (in which case, more power to you and when are you taking me shopping?). What feels and looks good must also go hand-in-hand with building on garments you already own and love -- those, tried-and-true staples that have come to your rescue on the bleariest of Monday mornings. Herewith, my list of ultra-current pieces that will not only enhance your existing wardrobe while carrying you straight into spring, but won't abandon you when the leaves turn next fall.

The Bold Stripe
I've been a major proponent and serial over-wearer-of stripes since I first discovered the Saint James Meridien tee eons ago (style trailblazers from Picasso to Karl Lagerfeld have been known to sport these iconic, unisex knits). I encourage playing it fast and loose with these linear prints, layering differing widths and contrasting hues for daring head-to-toe ensembles.

The Can't-Miss Bag
The hoopla around seasonal "it" bags is nowhere near ready to die down and this season's crop of head-turning purses -- done up in heavily embellished, saturated shades -- is no different. Though most come equipped with hefty price tags, keep in mind, these stunners wield the power to completely transform any stale outfit -- they're well worth a dip into the piggy bank.

Leather Skirt
I know, slipping into an article of clothing constructed of animal hide in the warmer months sounds, well, uncomfortable -- to say the least. Hear me out: A buttery, lightweight leather skirt (critter-lovers don't fret, there are plenty of vegan options to choose from), when executed in a minimalistic, breathable cut will add infinite edginess to a springtime uniform of mid-calf boots and slouchy knits.

The Casual Suit
Even if you've strategically planned your career around never having to don it to the office, a well-fitting suit is a priceless commodity when it comes to rounding out your every day wardrobe. The most recent take on matching separates -- the shorts suit­ -- is anything if not versatile. It can take you from a weekend catch-up brunch with the girls to a casual day wedding with a mere shoe-change. And yes, it is office-appropriate. is the site devoted to shopping.