07/19/2012 12:30 am ET Updated Sep 17, 2012

'So You Think You Can Dance' Elimination Recap: First Four Dancers Go Home In Season 9, Episode 8

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen the July 18 episode of Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance."

This week's comments, questions and concerns come without any technical dance knowledge and no actual dance skills ... just straight up love for "So You Think You Can Dance."

Guest Judge: Adam Shankman

So here is how the show will work tonight: The 10 couples will proceed as if this were a normal performance show until the last 20 minutes when the bottom six will be revealed. We'll stop for a quick plug of guest judge Adam Shankman's, new film "Step Up Revolution" (including a live routine with fan favorites and former contestants Twitch, Kathryn and Phillip) and then finally, the bottom six will face the music and the judges will save one guy and one girl.

Let's get right to it and rip the first band aid off. Here are this week's results:

The bottom three guys were Nick, Daniel and Chehon and the girls were Alexa, Janaya and Witney. The judges found out the bottom six earlier in the day Wednesday (although we only found out at the end of the episode), and watched the entire show knowing who could potentially go home. After polling the choreographers during both this week and last week and watching their performances tonight, the judges made their decision as to who would stick around: Witney and Chehon. The partners are safe and will return to dance another day er, week.

Prior to the eliminations, the dancers hit the stage for their partner routines hoping to get your votes to keep them safe. Here are some highs and lows from tonights performances.

Lindsay & Cole
"Teeth" Lady Gaga
I do love a good nerd-vixen performance and although I've always said Lady Gaga wrote this song for the sex scene the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn," I suppose it works for a dentist seduction as well. The performance was fun and energetic, but wasn't anything to write home (or a recap) about. Cole stayed in character a little too long post-dance. Even after being called out by the judges to knock it off, he kept it up. It was was a little unnerving (read: annoying).

Amelia & Will
"3326" by Olafur Arnalds
Wow. This was really, really incredible. Sonya's choreography was beautiful and stunning, as usual, but Amelia and Will knocked it out of the park. The classical music was sort of haunting, but it was one of those routines that had you holding your breath until it was over. If you missed it, I recommend giving it a go on YouTube.

Amber & Nick
"Tanguera" by Sexteto Mayor
Amber said she and Nick connecting was like "bubble gum and oil" and no matter which way you slice it, that's not really a good combo. I don't know much about a tango, but I know it's supposed to be sexy and strong and I was sort of imagining Amber's description would be right on. I was pleasantly surprised to find this tango rather entertaining. I don't know that I'll remember it tomorrow or preach it to my less cool friends who don't watch, but the judges liked it and that counts for something.

Audrey & Matthew
"Hear Me Now" by Steed Lord
Sonya, for the win again! This dark, power struggle routine was the complete opposite of the lovey dance these two did last week, but this dark side suits this super cute pair! For being small(ish) people, they looked so strong and long. Audrey's legs were stretching and extending to places I didn't think possible on a human being. It reminded me of my Barbie dolls as a child, she could always get her leg straight up over her head, toes pointed. Well, so can Audrey.

Janelle & Dareian
"My Girl" by The Temptations
We are starting off on the right foot with a little Motown, that's for sure. This dance was sweet and cute (probably because of the song) and Dariean is adorable and charismatic, but the judges put it out there rather perfectly: It wasn't all that challenging and they are both capable of more. I think I liked it a bit more than the judges did but we'll just have to wait and see what America thinks.

Janaya & Brandon
"Bring on the Men" by Linda Eder
Sean Cheesman set the scene for this Broadway routine and what a ballsy move using a park bench. He has the lovely Janaya reading a hot romance novel ("Fifty Shades of Grey"?) and Brandon is supposed to be uninterested, until he is and then the acrobatics really begin. It was fun and high energy, but the athleticism these two showed really took it to the next level. I was prepared to dislike it -- because of the bench, clearly -- but it was too good to dislike.

Eliana & Cyrus
"I'm Shakin'" by Jack White
Let me start this one by saying this: I love Cyrus. There is no doubt he is talented, inspirational and one of my favorites, but, aye ... the jive. There were moments in this routine that he looked like a pro and others when he didn't, but I actually don't care. He's fun to watch. Maybe it's because this guy is living the American dream, but people really like him. I'm not sure how long this will last, but I don't see him, or Eliana, going anywhere anytime soon.

Alexa & Daniel
"So Long My Friend" by Yanni
A prop bathtub is pretty badass, especially a footed tub. I can't help but think if there were a different, more memorable song choice, this could have gone down as "the bath tub routine" and maybe it will for others, but I needed more. All I can think of is this song choice could have been the missing link because the dancing was technically pretty perfect and the potential for this one was there, but I (and all three judges) were just missing something.

Tiffany & George
"I Want To Be Loved By You" by Sinead O'Connor
The Fox Trot is such a mature dance. It puts me in mind of of old Hollywood and black and white movies and I'll be honest, I didn't love this version. As Tiffany and George twirled around the stage, I just kept thinking they looked like little kids mimicking the grown ups, and I can't tell if George's attempt at facial hair helped or hurt. However, the judges certainly didn't agree with me. They loved it, giving them rave reviews from technical praise to partnering props.

Witney & Chehon
"Tandav Music" by Aatish Kapadia
Bollywood dances are fun to watch, but beyond fun, they are exhausting. I know I'm not actually doing the dancing, I'm just a passenger on the fun (or hot tamale) train, so I don't know what it is, perhaps all the jumping, but I am just so beat after watching this style of dance. Witney and Chehon's routine was no exception. They were high energy and looked they were having fun, which for someone who doesn't know much about Bollywood, seems like that's what it's all about.

Comment: Twitch didn't get nearly enough screen time during the "Step Up Revolution" dance. It's criminal, really.

Question: Was it me, or were all of the guys pants hiked up extra high tonight?

Concen: There was way too much guyliner in this episode and not enough lyrics.