12/29/2014 05:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A New Year's Letter to My Best Friends


Hey loves,

I cannot begin to explain how much you mean to me. But clearly I'm going to try. I have known some of you for nearly a decade and others for less than a year. I can easily categorize you: family friends, boarding school chums, college sisters, and so on. Despite how much you differ, you have all changed my life in some way. Somewhere between the "Hi, I'm _______" and the "SOS. I need you NOW", I decided that you were awesome and fun and hysterical and I wanted you to like me. Thanks for not thinking I'm a complete freak and letting me be a part of your life.

In that same vein, I'd like to share a few moments that have meant a lot to me, whether or not I've actually verbalized this before.

Thank you for....
  • Sunday brunches: these are when friends become family
  • Dancing: on library tables, window sills, and basketball courts
  • Gym dates: there's a lot to be said for actively improving your lifestyle with someone
  • 1989 listening parties: T.Swift knows the deepest crevices of our soul
  • Spring hikes: the mountain never wins in the end
  • Tinder moments: only okay while watching Catfish. Still never ends well
  • Tanning: it's about the experience on the dock or the quad, not the color
  • Thursday nights: because there's only one way to end a Calculus study session
  • Hugs: because some people are just perfect matches and when they find each other it's magic
  • Road trips: whether the destination is Boston or McDonalds, half the fun is the ride there and back
  • Skype sessions: phone calls are so early 2000s, plus I miss your face
  • Party crashing: "The most important parties to attend are the ones you're not invited to." - Blair Waldorf
  • All-nighters: misery loves company and borrowed sweatshirts
  • Boating: sailboats, speedboats, kayaks - some of the best moments of my life have been on water
  • "Are you alive?" texts: these just never get old.

Lastly, thank you for telling me it was okay to cry. Because when I was sitting at the foot of your bed trying my hardest to hold it together that's all I really needed.


We have been through so much together. And with the good comes bad. I should probably apologize for being a "birthday month" princess, and how flighty I get when I'm overwhelmed. I've done things that go against my character, yet you have stood by me through it all. When things got tough, and hearts (or ankles) were broken I was never let down. I strongly believe that best friends are defined by an unconditional love, which is based not on familial obligation but fierce loyalty.

The past year has been just another opportunity to grow into ourselves, and watching you become such amazing young women has been incredibly inspiring and motivating. Seriously, how lucky am I to know future CFOs, ambassadors, Broadway stars, and Pinterest-loving housewives? I'm pretty sure picking a maid of honor is going to be harder than picking a wedding dress. I can't wait to help plan your engagement parties, and secretly judge the names of your children and cats. Adulthood has brought a lot of responsibility, but I'm glad we can always get drinks to groan about balancing student debt with our increasingly expensive taste. If I have to go through this crazy life, thank goodness I have y'all to guide me through it. I'm a hot mess as it is.

Cheers to a New Year with old friends!