11/27/2012 07:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'30 Rock' Star Judah Friedlander Will Take Your Questions

Update: On Wednesday I chatted with one Frank Rossitano, aka Judah Friedlander, but in this interview, I asked Judah the community's questions too.

Apologies to those of you who tried to watch at noon EST as planned—we had a few technical issues we had to work through. Check out the interview below:

Previously: What's the one thing you would ask Judah if you had the chance? Tell me in the comments below, and I'll ask him as many of your questions as possible. Feel free to be as creative, serious or funny as you like -- the first suggestion I got from the "30 Rock" email subscribers was "Are you still gay for Jamie?" (Which I'll definitely be asking, because I don't know about you but I really need to know.)

If someone else asks your question first, favorite their comment so I know which ones are especially popular.
No further questions will be accepted after 11:45 a.m. EST

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