02/25/2014 05:23 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2014

Safe4Athletes Survey Targets Abuse in Sports

A few minutes of your time could be the difference between an athlete being silent about their abuse or having a voice to speak up. By completing our survey we can learn a little bit more about each sport at every level.

There is very little current data to truly understand the type of abuse that has transpired in sports for decades. We know that it's there and know that each sport has different unique characteristics of the type of abuse (sexual, verbal, physical and emotional). Help us change that by completing the survey. We want to hear from anyone that has competed for a single season to having committed to over 10,000 hours in pursuit of excellence in their sport. The more knowledge we can gain, the bigger the impact. Help us change what is broken and preserve what makes sports great.

The survey can be completed by either the athlete or an athlete's parent of a minor competitor. The minor competitor can complete the survey as well as athlete self. All responses are anonymous.

Please share this survey with your networks, as the more the "past and present" athletes at all levels participate the louder our collective voices become.

Click here to take the survey. We look forward to sharing our findings in the coming months.

Thank you for helping us Make Sports SAFE4ATHLETES.