06/05/2013 08:12 am ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

What's Your 'Top 5' List? It's Time to Take a Risk. Reinvent Your Life!

Yes! The beginning of summer brings the promise of down time and a little time to contemplate what we'd do for one extra day if we had time on our hands. I love it! Don't you?

What are you going to do with your time? Take an extra walk, a guitar lesson, clean out the garage, a Zumba class, cook an extra meal, work on your website and figure out how to use your social media better? Play with the kids, go out with your friends? Paint a picture, take a bike ride, watch a game, play a game? The possibilities are endless.

Just pick one small thing to do and watch a big change in yourself. Allow yourself to realize the value of what you're doing by adding something new to your life and every day routine. Cherish the feeling you have for feeling accomplished. Pat yourself on the back for getting out of your comfort zone and going beyond just "thinking about it." Take that risks and the payoff will be tremendously rewarding.

I picked up a racquet and played tennis with my son for the first time in four months. I took an extra Zumba class at my sister-in-law's studios, LA Dancefit -- the funnest place on earth! I cooked a fun meal with my husband with new recipes and ingredients. Rode my bike with my family (to have breakfast, but nevertheless, we rode instead of driving). Just a few extra things that added to my existing schedule, workout and kitchen routines -- I kicked them up a notch and I not only gave myself credit for all these things but I had the most wonderful time.

Tell us -- what are you going to do? Don't let those 24/7 work days control your life. Let your passions control it and take a risk!

Some advice from me and

  • Be open minded
  • Don't be afraid
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Dig deep -- explore what's missing that you've wanted to do, see, change
  • Make a crazy good list -- no one will see it but you -- so don't hold back
  • Look for excitement and embrace change
  • Acknowledge all the reasons it felt good

According to a recent survey in the June 2013 issue of MORE Magazine, the top 10 things that their readers said they wanted to change about themselves:

  • Travel more
  • Make new friends
  • Try a new sport of fitness routine
  • Change your job or career
  • Change your living space or location
  • Take a class or go back to school
  • Change your hair or makeup/find a new romantic partner (tie)
  • Change the way you dress
  • Volunteer
  • Start a business

What's on your top 5 list? You'll be excited to reinvent your life and I want to be here to inspire you to think about what's special for you that you want to make time for.

Now that you may have a glimpse of it -- take advantage of it and keep making those strides -- pick one of your top 5 and commit to it.

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Enjoy and #HappyReinventing!

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